Open Positions

The Micropower Circuits and Systems Group is recruiting graduate student researchers for the following research projects. If you are a current UC Davis graduate or undergraduate student and are interested in getting involved, please contact Prof. Amirtharajah by email. If you are applying for graduate school at UC Davis for the 2018-2019 academic year, please contact Prof. Amirtharajah after you have been accepted to the ECE graduate program.

MS Projects

Sensor Development for Viticulture and Enology

One to two projects involving sensor development, sensor data processing, and sensor interface circuits for monitoring grape growing and wine production processes.  Examples include low-cost inline sensors for UV-visible light and dielectric impedance spectroscopy, smart irrigation, vine water status, and winery building controls.

Power Management IC Characterization

Several projects related to the design, construction, and test of systems using prototype power management ICs developed at UC Davis.  Examples include systems for vibration and photovoltaic energy harvesting, tissue stimulation for biomedical devices, and wearable electronics.

Doctoral Projects

No specific projects at this time.

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