Research Interests

Current and recent topics

  • CPT-based characterization of intermediate and finely-interlayered soils. In collaboration with Jason DeJong.
  • Effects of liquefaction-induced ground deformation on pile foundations and bridge abutments. Includes collaborations with Bruce Kutter.
  • Dynamic properties of organic soils and site response in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.
  • Liquefaction and its effect on the performance of embankment dams.
  • Soil liquefaction during earthquakes. In collaboration with I. M. Idriss.
  • NHERI Equipment Facility. In collaboration with Dan Wilson and Bruce Kutter.

PM4Sand: A sand plasticity model for earthquake engineering applications

  • The sand plasticity model, PM4Sand, by Boulanger and Ziotopoulou has been implemented as a dynamic link library (DLL) for use with the commercial program, FLAC (Itasca 2011). The manual and DLL are available here.

Dynamic centrifuge modeling and archived experimental data

  • Dynamic centrifuge modeling is used to study fundamental mechanisms and evaluate numerical analysis methodologies. The 9-m radius and 1-m radius geotechnical centrifuges at UC Davis are part of the Center for Geotechnical Modeling, which also serves as an equipment facility in the NSF-funded NHERI network.
  • Archived experimental data from centrifuge studies at our facility are publically available through the CGM (mostly pre 2005 data) and the NEES archives (for most recent data).

2013-08-20 13_07_14 CGM_centrifuge_2004

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