Ben Shaw

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Optical Characterization of Groundwater Nitrate Levels; Soret Transport Effects on Liquid Fuel Combustion; Bi-Component Droplet Combustion in Reduced Gravity; Field-Assisted Combustion Synthesis in Reduced Gravity; Combustion of HAN-Based Monopropellant Droplets in Reduced Gravity; Visualization of Flows Inside Droplets; Combustion of Rectilinear Droplet Streams With and Without Wall Influences; Computational Modeling of Droplet Dynamics; Photonic Device for Measurement of Delineations of Vehicles on the Highway; Electrothermal Ramjet; Molten Salt Destruction of Waste Energetic Materials; Asymptotic Modeling of Aerosol Dynamics, Asymptotic Modeling of Structures of Electric Arcs; Combustion of Slurry Droplets with Nano-Sized Aluminum Particles; Measurement of Droplet Composition Changes using Fiber-Optic Spectroscopy.

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