Open Positions

1. Posted 9/15/2014.  Postdoctoral Scholar with an interest in advanced application of air quality models to generate datasets for epidemiological studies of the health effects of airborne ultrafine particles (Dp<0.1 µm) and fine particles (Dp<2.5 µm). Multiple projects are underway predicting composition and source-origin of airborne particles in the PM10. PM2.5, and PM0.1 size fractions across spatial scales from 250m to thousands of km over time periods spanning several decades. The successful candidate will work with an existing air quality modeling system to generate meteorological inputs, emissions inputs, air quality model output, and post-processed results suitable for integration into future epidemiology studies. High performance computing resources are available to support all project activities.

Desirable Experience: advanced degrees in Chemistry, Engineering, Atmospheric Science, or a related field with detailed knowledge of the techniques used to model pollutant concentration in the atmosphere. Knowledge of FORTRAN is required, with further knowledge of C and MPI programming desirable but not necessary. The position will include opportunities for model development, model application, model verification, and documentation of results in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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