Recent Selected Papers (Available via ResearchGate)

  • QueCC: A Queue-oriented, Control-free Concurrency Architecture.
    T. Qadah, Mohammad SadoghiMiddleware 2018. [Preprint]
  • Blockchain Transaction Processing. 
    S. Gupta, Mohammad Sadoghi. Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies. Springer 2018. [Preprint]
  • L-Store: A Real-time OLTP and OLAP System. [PaperSlides with an alternative abstraction reformulation]
    Mohammad Sadoghi, S. Bhattacherjee, B. Bhattacharjee, M. Canim. EDBT 2018.
  • EasyCommit: A Non-blocking Two-phase Commit Protocol. [PaperSlides]
    S. Gupta, Mohammad SadoghiEDBT 2018.
  • Extending In-Memory Relational Database Engines with Native Graph Support. [PaperSlidesPoster]
    M. Hassan, T. Kuznetsova, H.-C. Jeong, W. Aref, Mohammad SadoghiEDBT 2018.
  • EmbedS: Scalable, Ontology-aware Graph Embeddings. [PaperSlides]
    G. Diaz, A. Fokoue, Mohammad SadoghiEDBT 2018.
  • Hybrid OLTP and OLAP.
    J. Giceva, Mohammad Sadoghi. Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies. Springer 2018. [Preprint]
  • A Scalable Circular Pipeline Design for Multi-Way Stream Joins in Hardware.
    M. Najafi, K. Zhang, H.-A. Jacobsen, Mohammad SadoghiICDE 2018. [Short PaperSlides]
  • Incremental Frequent Subgraph Mining on Large Evolving Graphs.
    E. Abdelhamid, M. Canim, Mohammad Sadoghi, B. Bhattacharjee, Y-C. Chang, P. Kalnis. TKDE 2017.
  • Hardware Acceleration Landscape for Distributed Real-time Analytics: Virtues and Limitations.
    M. Najafi, K. Zhang, H.-A. Jacobsen, Mohammad SadoghiICDCS 2017.
  • Exploiting SSDs in Operational Multi-version Databases.
    Mohammad Sadoghi, K. Ross, M. Canim, B. Bhattacharjee. VLDBJ 2016.
  • Kanzi: A Distributed, In-memory Key-Value Store
    M. Hemmatpour, B. Montrucchio, M. Rebaudengo, Mohammad SadoghiMiddleware 2016.
  • SplitJoin: A Scalable, Low-latency Stream Join Architecture with Adjustable Ordering Precision.
    M. Najafi, Mohammad Sadoghi, H.-A. Jacobsen. USENIX ATC 2016.
  • Accelerating Database Workloads by Software-Hardware-System Co-design.
    R. Bordawekar, Mohammad SadoghiICDE 2016. (Tutorial Slides)
  • Self-Curating Databases.
    Mohammad Sadoghi, K. Srinivas, O. Hassanzadeh, Y-C. Chang, M. Canim, A. Fokoue, Y. Feldman. EDBT 2016 – Vision Track.
  • Predicting Drug-Drug Interactions through Large-Scale Similarity-Based Link Prediction.
    A. Fokoue, Mohammad Sadoghi, O. Hassanzadeh, P. Zhang. ESWC 2016Best In-Use Paper Award.
  • Geo-Distribution of Flexible Business Processes over Publish/Subscribe Paradigm.
    M. Jergler, Mohammad Sadoghi, H.-A. Jacobsen. Middleware 2016.
  • The FQP Vision: Flexible Query Processing on a Reconfigurable Computing Fabric.
    M. Najafi, Mohammad Sadoghi, H.-A. Jacobsen. SIGMOD Record – Special Issue on Visionary Ideas in Data Management 2015.
  • Safe Distribution and Parallel Execution of Data-centric Workflows over the Publish/Subscribe Abstraction.
    Mohammad Sadoghi, M. Jergler, H.-A. Jacobsen, R. Hull, R. Vaculin. TKDE 2015.
  • Reducing Database Locking Contention Through Multi-version Concurrency.
    Mohammad Sadoghi, M. Canim, B. Bhattacharjee, F. Nagel, K. Ross. PVLDB 2014.
  • Analysis and Optimization for Boolean Expression Indexing.
    Mohammad Sadoghi, H.-A. Jacobsen. ACM TODS 2013.
  • Making Updates Disk-I/O Friendly Using SSDs.
    Mohammad Sadoghi, K. Ross, M. Canim, B. Bhattacharjee. PVLDB 2013.
  • Flexible Query Processor on FPGAs.
    M. Najafi, Mohammad Sadoghi, H.-A. Jacobsen. PVLDB 2013.
  • Solving Big Data Challenges for Enterprise Application Performance Management.
    T. Rabl, Mohammad Sadoghi, H.-A. Jacobsen, S. Gomez-Villamor, V. Muntes-Mulero, and S. Mankowskii. PVLDB 2012.
  • BE-Tree: An Index Structure to Efficiently Match Boolean Expressions over High-dimensional Discrete Space.
    Mohammad Sadoghi, H.-A. Jacobsen. SIGMOD 2011Winner of EPTS Innovative Principles Award 2011.
  • Efficient Event Processing through Reconfigurable Hardware for Algorithmic Trading.
    Mohammad Sadoghi, H.-A. Jacobsen, M. Labrecque, W. Shum, and H. Singh. PVLDB 2010.

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