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Introduction (read me first!)

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The importance of stupidity in scientific research

J. R. Platt’s “Strong Inference” (1964)

Fifty years of J. R. Platt’s Strong Inference

Richard Felder: What type of Learner are you? Take the test here!

A statistical definition for Reproducibility and Replicability

How to have a Bad Career as a Geotechnical Graduate Student (adopted and adapted from Prof. Christoforos Kozyrakis who adopted and adapted from Prof. Dave Patterson)

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Creating your Individual Development Plan

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Tools and Resources

If you don’t have an account in DesignSafe-CI yet, please create one and start familiarizing yourself with it. Once you receive your #Slack invite too, please let me know and I will add you to our thread.

Resources from FLAC Workshop (April 2016)

Research reporting form

Grapher (plotting software), MatLab figure and LaTex templates

NISEE Resources (UCB reports and many many other valuable sources of information): username katerinaziot , password: same as the one you need for this website


Anaconda installer.  I have downloaded Python 2.7 version 64-bit installer (you can always switch to version 3). As soon as installation is over, search for the program “Spyder” in the installed software (Spyder is installed with the Anaconda package). Very good graphical interface (very similar to Matlab).

Classes from Coursera: It includes five courses and if you do not complete capstone it is for free. You just enroll to classes and watch video and complete assignments. Courses 1-2-4 are the most useful but in general someone familiar with Matlab or any other programming language will find these courses fairly elementary. Nevertheless, it is a good start to get to know the data structures. You can use dictionaries and pandas dataframes so as to imitate the capabilities Matlab offers using structures. I would recommend to get familiarized with these structures from scratch (they are not discussed in the courses unfortunately).

For questions and general ideas to solve a problem this is a good website to go to!

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