Badawi, Ramsey

Professor Ramsey D. Badawi

Biomedical Engineering
451 E. Health Sciences Dr.
GBSF, Room 2303
University of California
Davis, CA 95616

Email: ramsey.badawi at

Website: Badawi Lab

Phone: (916) 734-7940


The Badawi Lab is focused on translational imaging, with emphasis on PET and other radiotracer techniques. Translational imaging is aimed at transferring (“translating”) research imaging methodologies to the clinic and human use. This requires a multidisciplinary approach and the Badawi lab has developed multiple collaborations with other investigators.

The Badawi Lab is currently engaged in development of new scanner hardware for high-resolution molecular imaging in humans, image processing and informatics support for the use of image-based tumor metrics in cancer therapeutics, a combined optical/beta probe for atherosclerosis applications, and design explorations for a very large axial field of view PET scanner for humans.

The Badawi Lab also supports a range of clinically-driven projects and trials directed by physicians.


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