Research Interests

Dr. Bischel’s research aims to protect and improve human and environmental health by developing and evaluating water and wastewater treatment systems for emerging contaminants, including organic micropollutants and waterborne pathogens.

Current research in Dr. Bischel’s laboratory includes characterizing bioaccumulation and biotransformation dynamics of pesticides and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) through in vitro assessments of protein-ligand relationships. Her laboratory adapts biochemical insights from these studies into engineered systems by developing lab-scale treatment reactors that harness biological processes while integrating environmental complexities.

Dr. Bischel’s team also conducts research to understand how how viruses and their biomacromolecular components (i.e., proteins, lipoproteins, and nucleic acids) interact with complex organics in the environment to inform the development of new methods to rapidly detect viruses in water and wastewater as well as models of virus transport and treatment. Through the Healthy Davis Together (HDT) and Healthy Yolo Together (HYT) Initiatives, Dr. Bischel directs Environmental Monitoring effort to survey SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater, surface samples, and HVAC systems with the City of Davis, the UC Davis campus, and partners throughout California’s Central Valley.

More information on Dr. Bischel’s research is available here.