Andre Daccache has more than 10 years of international research experience in agricultural water management and irrigation engineering. He has an MSc in land and water resources management from the  International Agronomic Mediterranean Institute of Bari (IAMB) and a Ph.D. in irrigation engineering from the politecnico di Bari (Italy). During his research career, he worked on numerous projects related to agricultural water management, climate change impact analysis,  benchmarking irrigation efficiency and design of intelligent overhead system for precision irrigation in horticultural field crops. Before joining UC Davis, he was a research fellow at Cranfield University (UK) and a senior consultant to IAMB (Italy) where he worked on different  EU projects related to the development of research strategy in water for agriculture and innovative technologies to enhance the adoption of water reuse for irrigation in the North African countries.

His current research interest include mapping evapotranspiration from satellites and UAV,  assessing soil spatial variability, hydraulics of pipeline systems,  crop modeling, water resources management and budgeting and climate change impact analysis

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