Represented Recent Publications

Coates, R. W., M. J. Delwiche, W. P. Gorenzel, and T. P. Salmon. 2012. A model to predict the likelihood of cliff swallow nesting on highway structures in northern California. Human–Wildlife Interactions (in press).

Sirinutsomboon, B., M. J. Delwiche M. J., and G. M.Young. 2011. Attachment of Escherichia coli on plant surface structures built by microfabrication. Biosystems Engineering, 108, 244-252.

Coates, R. W., P. K. Sahoo, L. J. Schwankl, and M. J, Dewiche. 2011. Fertigation techniques for use with multiple hydrozones in simultaneous operation. Precision Agriculture (in press).

Delwiche, M. J., R. W. Coates, W. P. Gorenzel, and T. P. Salmon. 2010. Improved methods for deterring cliff swallow nesting on highway structures. Human–Wildlife Interactions 4(2):l 101-111.

Coates, R. W., and M. J. Delwiche. 2009. Wireless mesh network for irrigation control and sensing. Transactions ASABE. 52(3):1-11.

Kumar, P., D. M. Barrett, M. J. Delwiche, and P. Stroeve. 2009. Methods for pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass for efficient hydrolysis and biofuel production. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Res. 48:3713-3729.

Csordas, A. T., M. J. Delwiche, J. D. Barak. 2008. Nucleic acid sensor and fluid handling for detection of bacterial pathogens. Sensors and Actuators B:Chemical. 134:1-8.

Csordas, A. T., M. J. Delwiche, J. D. Barak. 2008. Automatic detection of Salmonella enterica in sprout irrigation water using a nucleic acid sensor. Sensors and Actuators B:Chemical. 134:9-17.

Berge, A., M. Delwiche, W. P. Gorenzel, and T. Salmon. 2007. Bird control in vineyards using alarm and distress calls. American Journal of Enology and Viticulture, 58(1):135-143.

Pilgeram, K. C., and M. J. Delwiche. 2006. Device for on-the-water measurement of rowing output. Sports Engineering, 9(3):165-174.

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