Thilo is enthusiastic about sharing his love for the physics and mathematics of complex systems with broad audiences. His activities in this area include transdisciplinary lectures at University as well as a variety of Outreach Projects.

He was CoPI of the project Patterns of Life which visualized a large simulation study live in a Science Museum while it was carried out.

Thilo contributed to the organization of the exhibition “World and System” at the Municipal Gallery Dresden, which showcased artistic studies of complexity. In particular Thilo contributed text to the exhibitions catalog and guided tours through the exhibition.

He also created the Bristol Bridgewalk a solution to Bristol’s version of Bristol’s version of the Königsberg Bridge problem. The Bridgewalk received extensive coverage in local media including several radio interviews and a double-page article in the Bristol Post. It was subsequently used in various charity events and is the subject of a forthcoming book.

Very recently Thilo collaborated with Bristol-based artist Frankie Partridge to create an artwork that was shown in an exhibition in Bristol’s Hamilton House Gallery and sold a number of limited edition prints.


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