Research Interests

Natural and Man-made Water Bodies:

Mixing processes in lakes, estuaries, reservoirs, rivers, wetlands and coastal waters; numerical modeling of lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, rivers and wetlands; artificial destratification and reaeration; sediment dynamics; hypersaline lakes; remote sensing; Lagrangian measurements; fate of fine particles; real-time environmental data networks; climate change and water quality; transport and spread of aquatic invasive species

Numerical Modeling:

1-D, 2-D and 3-D hydrodynamic and water quality modeling, eutrophication modeling, clarity modeling

Fluid Mechanics:

Double diffusive processes; convectively driven heat and mass transfer; stratified flows

STEM Education:

Understanding and stewardship of freshwater systems; use of 3-D visualization for education



  • Climate Change at Lake Tahoe
  • The Real-Time Nearshore Network
  • Pyramid Lake Water Quality Model
  • Lake Tahoe Long Term Monitoring
  • 3-D Visualization for Stewardship of Freshwater Ecosystems
  • Modeling of Lake Tanganyika
  • Tahoe Science Center Learning Experiences
  • Modeling of Nearshore Phenomena
  • Real-Time Internal Wave Dynamics in a Stratified Lake
  • Real-Time Meteorological Network

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