Courses taught UC-Davis:

  • ECI 114: Probabilistic Systems Analysis for Civil Engineers (2015S-16S-17S-18S-19S-22S-24S)
  • ECI 193A-B: Civil & Environmental Engineering Senior Design – Transportation Advisor (2019W/S-20W/S-21W/S-23W/S)
  • ECI 251: Transportation Demand Analysis (2015W-16W-16F-17F-19W-20W-21W-22W-23W-24W)
  • ECI 252: Sustainable Transportation Systems (2015F-17W-18S-20S-21S-22S-23S-24S)

Other Courses:

  • Humanitarian Logistics: Engineering, Peace, and Development
  • Natural Disaster Response Modeling
  • Operations Research I/II
  • Quality Control
  • Production’s Planning, Programming and Control
  • Environmental Security and Management
  • Quantitative Methods and Management



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