Selected Recent Publications

Li, K., S. Kirkland, B-L. Yeo, C. Tubbesing, V. Bandaru, L. Song, L. Holstege, B.R. Hartsough, A. Kendall and B.M. Jenkins. 2023. Integrated economic and environmental modeling of forest biomass for renewable energy in California: Part I – Model development. Biomass and Bioenergy 173:106774,

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Barfod, G.H., R.Seiser, R. Yazdani, L. Wang, C.E. Lesher, B.M. Jenkins and P. Thy. 2022. Anthropocene geochemical and technological signatures of an experimental landfill bioreactor in the Central Valley of California. Anthropocene Science

Wang, K., A.M. Hobby, Y. Chen, A. Chio, B.M. Jenkins, and R. Zhang. 2022. Techno-economic analysis on an industrial-scale production system of biodegradable plastics from cheese by-products by halophiles. Processes 2022, 10(1):17,

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Li, Y., J. Xue, J. Peppers, N. Kado, C. Vogel, C. Alaimo, P. Green, R. Zhang, B.M. Jenkins, M. Kim, T. Young and M. Kleeman. 2021. Chemical and toxicological properties of emissions from a light-duty CNG vehicle fueled with renewable natural gas. Environmental Science and Technology 55(5):2820-2830, doi: 10.1021/acs.est.0c04962.

Rojo, F., R. Dhillon, S. Upadhyaya and B.M. Jenkins. 2020. Development of a dynamic model to estimate canopy PAR interception. Biosystems Engineering 198:120-136.

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Li, Y., C.P. Alaimo, M. Kim, N.Y. Kado, J. Peppers, J. Xue, C. Wan, P.G. Green, R. Zhang, B.M. Jenkins, C.F.A. Vogel, S. Wuertz, T.M. Young and M.J. Kleeman. 2019. Composition and toxicity of biogas produced from different feedstocks in California. Environmental Science and Technology 53:11569-11579.

McCaffrey, Z., P. Thy, M. Long, M. Oliveira, L. Wang, L. Torres, T. Aktas, B.-S. Chiou, W. Orts and B.M. Jenkins. 2019. Air and steam gasification of almond biomass. Frontiers in Energy Research 7:84, doi: 10.3389/fenrg.2019.00084.

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Zheng, YY., B.M. Jenkins, K. Kornbluth, A. Kendall, C. Træholt. 2018. Optimization of a biomass-integrated renewable energy microgrid with demand side management under uncertainty.  Applied Energy 230:836-844.

Merz, J., V. Bandaru, Q. Hart, N. Parker and B.M. Jenkins. 2018. Hybrid poplar based biorefinery siting web application (HP-BiSWA): an online decision support application for siting hybrid poplar based biorefineries. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 155:76-83.

Zheng, YY., B.M. Jenkins, K. Kornbluth, A. Kendall and C. Træholt. 2018. Optimal design and operating strategies for a biomass-fueled combined heat and power system with energy storage.  Energy 155:620-629.

Li, X., K. Li, H. Li, H. El-Mashad, B.M. Jenkins and W. Yin. 2018. White poplar microwave pyrolysis: heating rate and optimization of biochar yield. Bioresources 13(1):1107-1121.

Zheng, YY., B.M. Jenkins, K. Kornbluth and C. Træholt. 2018. Optimization under uncertainty of a biomass-integrated renewable energy microgrid with energy storage.  Renewable Energy 123:214-217.

Byrnes, R., V. Eviner, E. Kebreab, W.R. Horwath, L. Jackson, B.M. Jenkins, S. Kaffka, A. Kerr, J. Lewis, F.M. Mitloehner, J.P. Mitchell, K.M. Scow, K.L. Steenwerth and S. Wheeler. 2017. Review of research to inform California’s climate scoping plan:  Agriculture and working lands.  California Agriculture UC Global Food Initiative Special Issue, California Agriculture 71(3):160-168.

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Li Y., P.W. Tittmann, N.C. Parker and B.M. Jenkins. 2016.  Economic impact of combined torrefaction and pelletization processes on forestry biomass supply.  Global Change Biology Bioenergy, doi: 10.1111/gcbb.12375.

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Jenkins, B.M. 2014. Global agriculture—industrial feedstocks for energy and materials.  Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems 2014:461-498, doi: 10.1016/B978-0-444-52512-3.00156-X.

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