Selected Recent Publications

Zheng, YY., B.M. Jenkins, K. Kornbluth, A. Kendall, C. Træholt. 2018. Optimization of a biomass-integrated renewable energy microgrid with demand side management under uncertainty.  Applied Energy 230:836-844.

Merz, J., V. Bandaru, Q. Hart, N. Parker and B.M. Jenkins. 2018. Hybrid poplar based biorefinery siting web application (HP-BiSWA): an online decision support application for siting hybrid poplar based biorefineries. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 155:76-83.

Zheng, YY., B.M. Jenkins, K. Kornbluth, A. Kendall and C. Træholt. 2018. Optimal design and operating strategies for a biomass-fueled combined heat and power system with energy storage.  Energy 155:620-629.

Zheng, YY., B.M. Jenkins, K. Kornbluth and C. Træholt. 2018. Optimization under uncertainty of a biomass-integrated renewable energy microgrid with energy storage.  Renewable Energy 123:214-217.

Byrnes, R., V. Eviner, E. Kebreab, W.R. Horwath, L. Jackson, B.M. Jenkins, S. Kaffka, A. Kerr, J. Lewis, F.M. Mitloehner, J.P. Mitchell, K.M. Scow, K.L. Steenwerth and S. Wheeler. 2017. Review of research to inform California’s climate scoping plan:  Agriculture and working lands.  California Agriculture UC Global Food Initiative Special Issue, California Agriculture 71(3):160-168.

Thy, P., G.H. Barfod, A.M. Cole, E.L. Brown, B.M. Jenkins and C.E. Lesher. 2017. Trace metal release during wood pyrolysis.  Fuel 203:548-556.

Hiloidhari, M., D.C. Baruah, A. Singh, S. Kataki, K. Medhi, S. Kumari, T.V. Ramachandra, B.M. Jenkins and I.S. Thakur. 2017. Emerging role of geographical information system (GIS), life cycle assessment (LCA) and spatial LCA (GIS-LCA) in sustainable bioenergy planning.  Bioresource Technology 242(SI):218-226.

Liu, Z., L. Wang, B.M. Jenkins, Y. Li, W. Yi and Z. Li. 2017. Influence of alkali and alkaline earth metallic species on the phenolic species of pyrolysis oil.  Bioresources 12(1):1611-1623.

Bandaru, V., Y. Pei, Q. Hart and B.M. Jenkins. 2017. Impact of biases in gridded weather datasets on biomass estimates of short rotation woody cropping systems.  Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 233:71-79.

Karimi, M., B. M. Jenkins and P. Stroeve. 2016. Multi-objective optimization of transesterification in biodiesel production catalyzed by immobilized lipase.  Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining 10:804–818, doi:10.1002/bbb.1706.

Wiryadinata, S., M. Modera, B. Jenkins and K. Kornbluth. 2016. Technical and economic feasibility of unitary, horizontal ground-loop geothermal heat pumps for space conditioning in selected California climate zones.  Energy and Buildings 119:164-172.

Li Y., P.W. Tittmann, N.C. Parker and B.M. Jenkins. 2016.  Economic impact of combined torrefaction and pelletization processes on forestry biomass supply.  Global Change Biology Bioenergy, doi: 10.1111/gcbb.12375.

Bandaru, V., N.C. Parker, Q. Hart, M. Jenner, B-L. Yeo, J.T. Crawford, Y. Li, P.W. Tittmann, L. Rogers, S.R. Kaffka and B.M. Jenkins. 2015. Economic sustainability modeling provides decision support for assessing hybrid poplar-based biofuel development in California.  California Agriculture 69(3):171-176.

Aktas, T., P. Thy, R.B. Williams, Z. McCaffrey, R. Khatami and B.M. Jenkins.  2015.  Characterization of almond processing residues from the Central Valley of California for thermal conversion.  Fuel Processing Technology 140:132-147.

Hart, Q.J., P.W. Tittmann,V. Bandaru and B.M. Jenkins.  2015.  Modeling poplar growth as a short rotation woody crop for biofuels in the Pacific Northwest. Biomass and Bioenergy, 79:12-27.

Brum, M., P. Erickson, B. Jenkins and K. Kornbluth. 2015. A comparative study of district and individual energy systems providing electrical-based heating, cooling, and domestic hot water to a low-energy use residential community.  Energy and Buildings 92:306-312.

Steenwerth, K.L., A.K. Hodson, A.J. Bloom, M.R. Carter, A. Cattaneo, C.J. Chartres, J.L. Hatfield, K. Henry, J.W. Hopmans, W.R. Horwath, B.M. Jenkins, E. Kebreab, R. Leemans, L. Lipper, M.N. Lubell, S. Msangi, R. Prabhu, M.P. Reynolds, S.S. Solis, W.M. Sischo, M. Springborn, P. Tittonell, S.M. Wheeler, S.J. Vermeulen, E.K. Wollenberg, L.S. Jarvis and L.E. Jackson. 2014. Climate-smart agriculture global research agenda: scientific basis for action.  Agriculture & Food Security 3:11,

Jenkins, B.M. 2014. Global agriculture—industrial feedstocks for energy and materials.  Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems 2014:461-498, doi: 10.1016/B978-0-444-52512-3.00156-X.

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