Research Interests

Measurement and modeling of urban and regional air pollution.  Special interests include:

  • Airborne Particulate Matter Measurements: Development of new methods for sample extraction and analysis to quantify particle-phase trace metals and organic compounds in the atmosphere with special focus on ultrafine particles (100nm and smaller).
  • Emissions Measurements Characterization of the size and chemical composition of particle-phase emissions from major sources of urban air pollution with special focus on ultrafine particles (100nm and smaller).
  • Development of Parallel Computer Systems and Programs:  Design of massively parallel computer system constructed from commodity components, and the optimization of computer codes for these platforms.
  • Air Quality Modeling: Estimation of thermodynamic properties of mixed organic and inorganic airborne particles.  Development of methods for the regional source apportionment of primary and secondary airborne particulate matter.
  • Interactions Between Global Change and Regional Air Pollution: Identification of the current effects of climate variability on regional air quality and prediction of the air quality impacts from future global change trends.
  • Health Effects of Inhaled Particles:  Identification and characterization of airborne particles responsible for excess morbidity and mortality.

Current Projects

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