EE-Emerge focuses on ECE students in their junior year, in particular URM and first-generation

  • To engages the students during their junior year in hands-on electronics projects.
  • To hone their a communication skills
  • To develop their interpersonal skills necessary to work design teams
  • To prepare the students with necessary skills for their senior design projects
  • To establish a culture among students of “working together” and “peer advising” – i.e. students from the program in their senior year, help the next group of junior students
  • To engage the students in a lifelong process to promote engineering to specifically underrepresented groups
  • And finally, to identify high achieving students to industrial sponsors for internships and career opportunities

Professor Knoesen started EE-Emerge in 2011. EE-Emerge is structured around a three quarter sequence that leads up to the demonstration of team projects at Picnic Day:

EE-Emerge Demonstrations at Picnic Day 2015

Kino Project

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