Research Interests

One of the focuses of the research concerns the development of new imaging and visualization techniques for the study of small amplitude microturbulence in magnetic fusion plasmas which is of critical importance to a basic physics understanding as well as the eventual realization of magnetic fusion energy through its relationship to the problem of anomalous transport in magnetized plasmas. Specifically, we are developing a novel 3-D millimeter wave electron cyclotron emission and radar reflectometric imaging diagnostic for simultaneous measurement of turbulent and coherent fluctuations and profiles of electron temperature and density in toroidal magnetic confinement devices.

Another research emphasis concerns the development of vacuum electron beam based microwave, millimeter wave, and submillimeter wave coherent source technology. Examples include a wideband 140 kW, 94 GHz gyro-TWT intended for next generation imaging radar and a 50 kW, 94 GHz sheet beam klystron. Currently, the focus is on the development of a 50 W, ultra wideband 220 GHz sheet beam TWT for high data rate communications.

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