Selected Publications


  • Edward T. Niles, John D. Roehling, Hajime Yamagata, Adam Wise, John K. Grey, Adam Moulé,J-Aggregate Behavior in Poly-3-hexylthiophene Nanofibers,Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2012, 3(2), 259-263.
  • Christopher W. Rochester, Scott A. Mauger, Adam J. Moulé, Investigating the Morphology of Polymer/Fullerene Layers Coated Using Orthogonal Solvents, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2012, 116(13), 7287-7292.
  • John D. Roehling, Ilke Arslan, Adam Moulé,Controlling microstructure in Poly-3-hexylthiophene Nanofibers, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012, 22(6), 2498-2506.
  • Adam J. Moulé, Lilian Chang , Chandru Thambidurai , Ruxandra Vidu and Pieter Stroeve,Hybrid solar cells: basic principles and the role of ligands, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012, 22, 2351-2368.




  • Erik Busby, Elizabeth C. Carroll, Erin M. Chinn, Lilian Chang, Adam J. Moulé, and Delmar S. Larsen, Excited-State Self-Trapping and Ground-State Relaxation Dynamics in Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Resolved with Broadband Pump-Dump-Probe Spectroscopy, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2011 2(21), 2764-2769.
  • Scott A. Mauger and Adam Moulé, Characterization of new transparent organic electrodes .Organic electronics, 2011,12(11), 1948-1956.
  • Erik Busby, Christopher W. Rochester, Adam J. Moulé, Delmar S. Larsen, Acceptor dependent polaron recombination dynamics in poly 3-hexyl thiophene: Fullerene composite films Chemical Physical Letters, 2011, 513(1-3), 77-83.
  • Lilian Chang, Hans W. A. Lademann, Jörg-Bernd Bonekamp, Klaus Meerholz, Adam J. Moulé, Effect of Trace Solvent on the Morphology of P3HT:PCBM Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells Advanced Functional Materials, 2011, 21(10), 1779-1787.
  • David M. Huang, Scott A. Mauger, Stephan Friedrich, Simon J. George, Daniela Dumitriu-LaGrange, Sook Yoon, Adam J. Moulé, The Consequences of Interface Mixing on Organic Photovoltaic Device Characteristics, Advanced Functional Materials, 2011, 21(9), 1657-1665.
  • David Huang, Adam J. Moulé, and Roland Faller Characterization of polymer-fullerene mixtures for organic photovoltaics by systematically coarse-grained molecular simulations, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2011, 302(1-2), 21-25.
  • Varuni Dantanarayana, David M. Huang, Jennifer A. Staton, Adam J. Moulé and Roland Faller, Multi-Scale Modeling of Bulk Heterojunctions for Organic Photovoltaic Applications, Third Generation Photovoltaics, Vasilis Fthenakis (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-0304-2, InTech, Available from:


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