Selected Extension Talks and Presentations

Identification of nitrogen deficiency in table grape by spectral sensing, 02/26/2021. Seminar CalPoly University.

Drone Imaging Applications for Specialty Crops of California, 02/21/2021. 2021 NAPPN Annual Conference

Remote Sensing to Monitor Grapevine Nutrient, 12/16/2020. 2020 San Joaquin Valley Virtual Grape Symposium (UC Cooperative Extension program).

Drone application for citrus yield forecasting and nitrogen deficiency detection, 11/13/2020. UC Subtropical Crops Workgroup.

Digital Agriculture for specialty crops, 10/29/2020. Precision Agriculture course (undergraduate), University of Missouri.

Spray Backstop: a Low-Maintenance System to Reduce Spray Drift Without Limiting the Spray and Air Delivery, 09/17/2020. Crop Consultant Conference.

Remote sensing for nitrogen management in grapes, 08/08/2020. Virtual Small Fruit and Vegetable Meeting (UC Cooperative Extension program).

Digital Agriculture: Data Processing Tools and Models for UAS Application in Agriculture, 06/25/2020. DroneCamp 2020 (UCANR-IGIS Program)

Remote sensing for nutrient content detection in table grapes, 02/27/2020. California Table Grape Seminar, Visalia, CA.

Walnut canopy profile assessment by aerial imaging, an alternative for the mobile platform lightbar, 01/30/2020. Walnut Conference, UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory.

Drone imagery interpretation model for temporal evaluation of pistachio canopy profile and forecasting yield, 01/28/2020. Pistachio board of California, Fresno, CA.

Introduction to Digital Agriculture, 01/27/2020, The Western Institute for Food Safety and Security (WIFSS).

Canopy profile mapping for yield forecasting and nutrient management, 11/14/2019. Olive board of California, Modesto, California.

Prediction of vine nitration and potassium status using drone and aerial imaging, 2/15/2019. Grapevine Production Short Course at Springhill Suites Mariott in Napa, CA.

Sensing Technologies for Digital Agriculture, 1/29/2019. Guest Lecturer for the graduate course: Data Analytics in Computer Engineering.

Spray Backstop: A Low Maintenance System to Reduce Spray Drift, 12/06/2018, Almond Conference, Sacramento Convention Center.

A low-cost HLB detector using smartphone and deep learning technology, 10/03/2018. UC Kearney REC field day.

Remote Sensing Applications for Agriculture, 09/11/2018. S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University, Astana, Kazakhstan.

Harvesting Systems, 06/20/2018. Postharvest Technology Short Course, UC Davis Campus.

Using Remote sensing for better understanding plant water need, 04/17/2018., Avocado Growers meeting. Fallbrook, Ventura, and San Lois Obispo CA

Advances in Spray Application Technology for Precision Chemical Application, 11/03/2017. Invited Speaker, Mid Valley Nut show (Modesto, CA), South Valley Nut show (Tulare, CA)

Pre-symptomatic HLB detection using polarized imaging technique, 10/03/2017. California Asian Citrus Psyllid and Huanglongbing research and extension summit, Riverside, CA.

Virtual Vineyard, Capabilities, and Applications for Precise Vineyard Management, 08/08/2017. Field day for Grape growers in the San Joaquin Valley, UC Kearney REC, Parlier, CA.

Global Warming and Sustainable Agriculture, 06/27/2017. Workshop for High School Students (2 sessions), UC Kearney REC, Parlier CA.

Remote Sensing in Agriculture – Citrus as a Model, 03/29/2017. Plant Science Extension Continuing Conference (PECC), Davis, California.

An Introduction to Precision Agriculture, 03/22/2017. Guest Lecturer, Fresno State University, Fresno, CA.

Citrus Huanglongbing Disease Forecasting, from Imagination to Reality, 03/08/2017. CAPCA meeting – Ventura Chapter, Santa Paula, CA.

Flight Mission Planning for agricultural aerial imaging, 02/20/2017. Drone Workshop at Kearney REC, Parlier CA.

Precision Agriculture and Advanced Spray technology, 02/06/2017. The Annual Conference of the Association of Applied IPM Ecologists (AAIE), Napa, CA.

Pest Management: Fine-tuning Spray Efficacy, Session Moderator, 12/08/2016. Almond growers and academics, Sacramento, CA.

Precision Agriculture, Integrated Pest management, and Sustainability, 11/15/2016. Sustainable Ag Expo, San Luis Obispo, CA.

Spray Technology and Calibration, 11/08/2016. Almond Short course, Modesto, CA.

Real-time sensor for early HLB detection, 10/19/2016. California Citrus Conference, Exeter, CA.

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