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Nanophotonic Devices

Nano-scale optical devices are an active research are in many exciting areas including low-power high-speed information processing, quantum technologies, and bio-sensing. Nano-patterned dielectric structures, such as photonic crystals, microdisks and pillars, provide outstanding control of light propagation and resonant effects. This enables us to study interesting quantum and nonlinear optics phenomena. To realize state-of-the-art devices, Radulaski Lab specializes in nanofabrication and numerical modeling. Nanofabrication efforts are based on electron beam lithography and reactive ion etching, while the modeling is performed using Maxwell equations solvers.

Quantum Technologies Based on Color Centers

Quantum technologies are an exciting area of academic studies that has recently emerged in industry research. Radulaski Lab studies the luminescing defects in wide band gap materials such as silicon carbide and diamond, called color centers. Color centers behave like atoms, but in solid-state. They are excellent systems for the development of quantum hardware because of their single-photon emission and spin-photon entanglement mechanisms. By engineering nanophotonic devices that contain color centers, Radulaski Lab seeks to enhance interaction of light and matter required for advanced applications in quantum cryptography, quantum computing and biosensing.

Quantum Light Generation

Generation of quantum light is a key ingredient to many quantum technologies, including quantum communication and quantum metrology. Color centers in silicon carbide and diamond behave as nearly-identical quantum emitters and, therefore, provide new directions for the quantum light generation, such as through the collective coupling to a common nanocavity. Radulaski lab studies emission and coherence effects in such systems to reveal novel mechanisms for robust and high-quality generation of single photons and photon bundles.