Teaching Interests

VEN 126/126L – Wine Stability & Wine Stability Laboratory

Principles of equilibria and rates of physical and chemical reactions in wines; treatment of unstable components in wines by adsorption, ion exchange, refrigeration, filtration, and membrane processes; and protein, polysaccharide, tartrate, oxidative, and color stabilities.

VEN 235 – Winery Design

Design of wineries. Includes process calculations, equipment selection, process layout and building choice and siting. Project scheduling, capital costs, and ten-year cash flow analysis for the winery. One field trip required. Offered in alternate years.

VEN 140 – Distilled Beverage Technology

Distillation principles and practices; production technology of brandy, whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, and other distilled beverages; characteristics of raw materials, fermentation, distillation, and aging. Offered in alternate years.

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