Sadoghi, Mohammad

Assistant Professor Mohammad Sadoghi

Department of Computer Science
2063 Kemper Hall, Room 3055
University of California
Davis, CA 95616

Email: msadoghi at
Web site: Exploratory Systems Lab

Broadly speaking, Professor Sadoghi’s research focuses on high-performance and extensible Big Data Management Systems in the context of designing novel data structures and (parallel) algorithms and utilizing modern hardware advancements, especially many-core processors, hardware accelerators (e.g., FPGAs and GPUs), and storage-class memories (e.g., flash and phase change memory). In particular, he is interested in rethinking the foundation of relational database system design for future hardware and computing platform (i.e., cloud) by reshaping the transaction and storage model to sustain the unprecedented scale of data proliferation and heterogeneity observed in the Big Data era.

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