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Assistant Professor Seongkyu Lee

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
2013 Bainer Hall
University of California Davis
Davis, CA 95616

Email: skulee at ucdavis.edu
Phone: (530) 752-4432

Research : Professor Lee’s research focuses on aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with applications to rotorcraft, wind energy, aircraft engine, and turbomachinery. Our lab is conducting mathematical and computational research on fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, and aeroacoustics. Professor Lee worked at GE Global Research Center in New York for five years prior to joining UC Davis.

Professor Lee is a faculty advisor of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) undergraduate club at UC Davis.

Professor Lee is looking for highly motivated graduate/undergraduate students and a post-doctoral research associate. If you are interested in joining Aeroacoustics Lab, please contact Dr. Lee by email or apply to the MAE graduate program at UC Davis and indicate your interest to work with Dr. Lee on the application form. Unfortunately, he may not be able to respond to all emails about admission to our graduate program.

Research and Lab Highlights

  1. Nov., 2017: Henry Jia (PhD Student)’s VFF award was featured in Vertiflite magazine, which is a publication of AHS International (https://vtol.org/vertiflite/2017_Nov_Dec/files/assets/common/downloads/page0014.pdf).
  2. July, 2017: Henry Jia (PhD Student) has received the Vertical Flight Foundation (VFF) scholarship from the American Helicopter Society (AHS). He was invited to the American Helicopter Society (AHS) International 73rd Annual Forum Grand Awards Banquet, which took place on May, 10, 2017.  Please check out Henry’s biography posted on the AHS website. https://vtol.org/education/vertical-flight-foundation-scholarships/featured-biographies?studentID=403
  3. June, 2016: We have received a research grant from the US Army for rotorcraft aeroacoustic research and joined a new Vertical Lift Research Center of Excellence (VLRCOE) team. The award news was published in the Vertiflite magazine of the American Helicopter Society, March-April, 2017, (https://vtol.org/vertiflite/2017_Mar_Apr/files/assets/common/downloads/page0012.pdf) 
  4. Jan., 2016: Professor Lee gave an invited talk at NASA Ames Research Center about acoustic scattering and nonlinear sound propagation. The presentation clip is available in the link here. http://www.nas.nasa.gov/publications/ams/2016/01-29-16.html

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