Selected Publications


  • T. Pan and W. Wei, “From Cleanroom to Desktop: Emerging Micro-Nanofabrication Technology for Biomedical Applications,” Annals of Biomedical Engineering, vol. 39, pp. 600-620, October 2010.
  • S. Zhao, A. Chen, A. Revzin, and T. Pan, “Stereomask Lithography (SML): Universal Multi-Object Micro-Patterning Technique for Biological Applications,” Lab Chip, vol. 11, pp. 224-230 (Cover Image), October 2010.
  • A. Chen, and T. Pan, “Fit-to-Flow (F2F) Interconnects: Universal Reversible Adhesive-Free Microfluidic Adaptors for Lab-on-a-Chip Systems,” Lab Chip, vol. 11, pp. 727-732, October 2010.
  • L. Hong, and T. Pan, “Three-Dimensional Surface Microfluidics Enabled by Spatiotemporal Control of Unconventional Fluidic Interface,” Lab Chip, vol. 10, pp. 3271-3276, Sept 2010.
  • S. Zhao, H. Cong, and T. Pan, “Direct Projection on Dry-film Photoresist (DP2): Do-It-Yourself Three-Dimensional Polymer Microfluidics,” Lab Chip, vol. 9, pp. 1128-1132 (Cover Image), April 2009.
  • H. Cong, A. Revzin, and T. Pan, “Non-Adhesive PEG Hydrogel Nanostructures for Self Assembly of Highly Ordered Colloids,” Nanotechnology, vol. 20, 075307, pp. 1-8 (Cover Image), Feb 2009.

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