Teaching Interests

Undergraduate courses:

  • Aeronautical Engineering Fundamentals
  • Applied Aircraft Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Aircraft Preliminary Design
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Mechanical Engineering Design Project
  • Thermal Fluids Laboratory

Graduate courses:

  • Advanced Aerodynamics – Viscous Flow
  • Advanced Aerodynamic Design and Optimization
  • Aerodynamics of Flight Vehicles
  • Advanced Wind-Tunnel Testing
  • Wind Power Engineering

Short Courses:

  • Applied Aerodynamic Drag Reduction
  • Aerodynamic Drag Reduction – Fundamentals and Applications
  • High-Lift Systems & Aerodynamics for General Aviation and Subsonic Transport Aircraft
  • Aerodynamic Design Improvements: High-Lift and Cruise
  • Wind Energy for Technicians
  • Wind Energy: A Technology and Industry Primer
  • Small Wind Energy Systems

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