Teaching Interests


ENG 105. Thermodynamics (4)

Lecture–4 hours. Prerequisite: Mathematics 21D, 22B and Physics 9B. Open to College of Engineering students only. Fundamentals of thermodynamics: heat energy and work, properties of pure substances, First and Second Law for closed and open systems, reversibility, entropy, thermodynamics temperature scales, power cycles, nonreacting ideal gas mixtures and psychrometrics and applications of thermodynamics to engineering systems.

MAE 216. Advanced Thermodynamics (4)

Lecture–3 hours; discussion–1 hour. Prerequisite: Engineering 105. Study of topics important to energy conversion systems, propulsion and other systems using high temperature gases. Classical thermodynamics and quantum statistical mechanics of nonreacting and chemically reacting gases, gas mixtures, and other substances.

Air Pollution

ATM 149 and CEE 149. Introduction to Air Pollution (4)

Lecture–3 hours; discussion–1 hour. Prerequisite: Mathematics 21D, 22B, Chemistry 2B, Atmospheric Science 121A or Engineering 103. Physical and technical aspects of air pollution. Emphasis on geophysical processes and air pollution meteorology as well as physical and chemical properties of pollutants.

CEE 242. Air Quality (3)

Lecture–3 hours. Prerequisite: Engineering 105, courses 141 and 149, or the equivalents. Factors determining air quality. Effects of air pollutants. Physical and chemical fundamentals of atmospheric transport and reaction.  Introduction to dispersion modeling.


MAE 215. Biomedical Fluid Mechanics and Transport Phenomena (4)

Lecture–3 hours; discussion–1 hour. Prerequisite: Engineering 103 or Chemical Engineering 150B or Civil and Environmental Engineering 141. Application of fluid mechanics and transport to biomedical systems. Flow in normal physiological function and pathological conditions. Topics include circulatory and respiratory flows, effect of flow on cellular processes, transport in the arterial wall and in tumors, and tissue engineering. (Same course as Biomedical Engineering 215.)



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