Research Interests

List of Research Projects

2016 – 2020 (current). Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure: Experimental Facility with Geotechnical Centrifuges. Co-PI, with Ross Boulanger (PI) and Bruce Kutter (Co-PI). NSF

2015 – 2020 (current). Engineering Research Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnics (CBBG).  Project participation includes: Root Inspired Foundations and Retaining Systems, Snakeskin-inspired Anisotropic Surfaces, Universal biomechanical processes for subsurface exploration and underground construction, Liquefaction Mitigation via MICP. (NSF ERC)

2018 – 2019 (current). Centrifuge Modeling of Fly Ash Impoundments. Co-PI with Alejandro Martinez (PI). EPRI

2017 – 2018. Bioinspired Burrowing Robot for Natural and Human-Made Geologic Hazard Assessment. Co-PI with Alejandro Martinez (PI). CITRIS

2014 – 2016. Model Testing to Evaluate Degradation of Axial Capacity from Cyclic Loading. Co-PI with Bruce Kutter (PI). MMI (through BSEE)

2014 – 2016. Seismic Performance of Soil-Cement Grids in Soft Ground. Collaborator with Ross Boulanger (PI). PEER

2013 – 2016. Removable Test Pile (RTP) for Improved Pile Design – Phase II. Collaborator with Jason Dejong (PI). Caltrans

2012 – 2015. In situ Characterization of Gravelly Soils. Collaborator with Jason DeJong (PI). California Department of Water Resources

2012 – 2015. NEESR: Reduction of Seismic Shaking Intensity of Soft Soil Sites Using Stiff Ground Reinforcement, Subcontract to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. (NSF)

2013 – 2014. Centrifuge testing to evaluate seismic displacements of subsea manifolds on deep clay deposits. Co-PI with Bruce Kutter (PI). British Petroleum.

2009 – 2014. NEES@UC Davis, subcontract to NEES Consortium Operations: 2004-2014. Co-PI with Ross Boulanger (PI), Bruce Kutter (co-PI). NEEScomm at Purdue. (NSF)

2011 – 2013. Steel Pile Jacket Seismic Soil Structure Interaction Study. Co-PI with Bruce Kutter (PI). British Petroleum

2004 – 2009. NEES@UC Davis, subcontract to NEES Consortium Operations: 2005-2014. Co-PI with Bruce Kutter (PI), Ross Boulanger (co-PI). NEES Consortium, Inc. (NSF)

2007 – 2008. Be Smart About Safety: 2007. Supplement to improve safety equipment at the Center.  (UC Davis)

2007 – 2008. Centrifuge Testing for Seismic Retrofit of BART Offshore Transbay Tube. Co-PI with Bruce Kutter (PI) and Ross Boulanger (co-PI). Fugro (through BART)

2005 – 2007. SGER: Development and Verification of In-Flight Grouted Helical Pier Placement Technique for Use in Foundation Rehabilitation Investigations. PI on UC Davis subcontract to UC Irvine (Tara Hutchinson, PI). (NSF)

2004 – 2005. Enhancing the NEES Geotechnical Centrifuge at UC Davis.  With Bruce Kutter (co-PI). (NSF)

2003 – 2005. Collaborative Research: Demonstration of NEES for Studying Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction. Co-PI with Boris Jeremic (PI), Bruce Kutter (co-PI). Sub-award through University of Texas at Austin (Sharon Wood, PI). (NSF)

2000 – 2004. A NEES Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility. Co-PI with Bruce Kutter (PI), Ross Boulanger (co-PI), Bernd Hamann (co-PI), Boris Jeremic (co-PI), Kwan-Liu Ma (co-PI), Carlos Santamarina (co-PI), Steve Velinsky (co-PI), Ben Yoo (co-PI). (NSF)

1999 – 2000. Centrifuge Characterization and Numerical Modeling of the Dynamic Properties of Tire Shreds for use as Bridge Abutment Backfill. Co-PI with Boris Jeremic (PI), Bruce Kutter (co-PI). California Integrated Waste Management Board.

1999 – 2000. Comprehensive Investigation of Nonlinear Site Response: Collaborative Research with UC San Diego and UC Davis. Co-PI with Bruce Kutter (PI). USGS FY 99 NEHRP

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