Leite Nobrega De Moura Bell, Juliana

Assistant Professor Juliana De Moura Bell

Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering
2212 Robert Mondavi Institute – South
(530) 752-5007


Dr. de Moura Bell research includes the development and application of environmentally friendly technologies to replace the incumbent technology for extracting and fractionating of major food components such as oil, protein, and carbohydrates. Specifically, she is interested in bio-processing techniques such as enzyme-assisted aqueous extraction, fermentation, and less harsh techniques like supercritical and subcritical extractions. Her laboratory research interests include: 1) Scaling-up extraction and downstream recovery processes from laboratory to pilot-scale; 2) Determining the effects of processing conditions (extraction, heat treatment, enzymatic modifications and recovery strategies) on the functionality and biological activities of food components, and 3) The conversion of agricultural waste streams/food processing by-products into high added-value compounds.

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