Food engineering lab at IFT2018 in Chicago, IL. From L-R: Prof. Gail Bornhorst, PhD student Yamile Mennah, PhD student Alex Olenskyj, and MS student Berta Lascuevas

Poster presentations at IFT2018! (L) PhD student Yamile Mennah presenting her poster, “Starch and Protein Hydrolysis during Gastric Digestion of Quinoa using Static and Dynamic in Vitro Gastric Digestion Models“; (R) Anna Hayes (PhD student at Purdue University) and Yamile Mennah at their poster, “Breakdown Rate of Couscous Made from Pearl Millet versus Wheat in a Simulated Gastric Environment Linked to Gastric Emptying“. Both Yamile’s and Anna’s posters were selected for poster competitions, congratulations to both! 

Food engineering PhD students (Yamile Mennah, Alex Olenskyj, Clay Swackhamer) presenting a poster on their Mentoring at Critical Transitions Wakeham Fellowship Project completed with Prof. Bornhorst: “From Mentee to Mentor: Understanding Mentoring Skills to Improve Professional Relationships

Food engineering lab graduate mentors with their undergraduate mentees at the Undergraduate Research Conference 2018.

Clockwise: (1) PhD student mentor Clay Swackhamer with undergraduate mentee Xiaohan Cao; (2) PhD student mentor Alex Olenskyj with undergraduate mentee Emily Laskin; (3) PhD student mentor Yamile Mennah with undergraduate mentee Talia Estevez; (4) Food Engineering Lab members supporting their peers at the URC!!

Food engineering lab display at Picnic Day 2018. (L) PhD students Alex Olenskyj and Yamile Mennah discussing digestion with visitors. (R) PhD student Yamile Mennah and MS student Berta Lascuevas with the Human Gastric Simulator that was on display. 

Postdoctoral scholar, Silvia Keppler, giving a presentation “Characterization of particle movement during in vitro digestion in the Human Gastric Simulator” at the Postdoctoral Research Symposium 2018. Silvia was awarded a presentation award for her talk. Congrats, Silvia! 

Food engineering lab members at IFT2017 in Las Vegas, NV!

Karen presenting her poster on “In vitro protein digestion of high protein beverages after thermal processing” at the IFT Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV (June 2017).  Karen also won 3rd place in the Oral Presentation Competition in the Protein Division. Congrats, Karen!! 

Alex presenting his poster on “Softening half-time and normalized final hardness as indicators of food structural breakdown during in vitro digestion” at the IFT Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV (June 2017). 

Undergraduate interns Aaron (L) and Hongchang (R) with graduate mentor Yamile (middle) presenting their posters at the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference (April 2017). 

Food engineering lab members showcasing digestion of breakfast cereal in our Human Gastric Simulator digestion unit as part of the BAE exhibit during Picnic Day! (April 2017)

Clay presenting his poster on “Physical property changes in soaked and activated almonds” at the Almond Conference in Sacramento, CA (December 2016). 


Prof. Bornhorst presenting about “Biodisponibilidad y su importancia en al industria de los alimentos saludables” (Bioaccessibility and its importance in the healthy food industry) at the III Foro Innovagro in Chile (August/September 2016).

imag2696 imag2683

Yamile and Prof. Bornhorst at Yamile’s poster presentation “Antioxidant bioaccessibility of fresh-squeezed orange juice and orange juice from concentrate after thermal and non-thermal processing” at the IUFoST 18th World Congress of Food Science and Technology in Dublin, Ireland (August 2016).


Yamile giving an e-poster presentation at the IFT Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL (July 2016) on some of her research on mass transport processes and breakdown of red beets during simulated gastric digestion. 


Yamile & Krista presenting posters at the IFT Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL (July 2016)

imag0936 imag0983 imag0969

The BAE Food Engineering Lab had a great display on Food Digestion at Picnic Day (April 16, 2016)!! Some of our lab members were explaining about gastric digestion to the visitors, and showing off one of our gastric models. 

IMAG9674_BURST001   IMAG9677  IMAG9665

Clair presenting her poster at the 2016 Undergraduate Research Conference, with PhD Student Mentor Yamile Mennah and Prof. Bornhorst

Clair poster 2016 URC


Congratulations to Yamile – one of the 3rd Place Winners at the RMI 2015 Graduate Student Research Poster Competition!! 


(Photo by Mike Tentis)

Showcasing our Human Gastric Simulator (HGS) at the Transformation Lab during the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL (July 2015)

10_IFT-2015_TransformationLab_AttendeesAtStation           IMG-20150715-WA0058      IMAG6412


Yamile presenting her poster and e-poster “Sweet Potato Microstructural Changes during in Vitro Gastric Digestion” at the IFT Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL (July 2015)

IMAG6399          IMAG6383

Yamile presenting her poster “Acid Diffusivity and Texture Kinetics of Sweet Potatoes during in Vitro Gastric Digestion” at the ICEF Meeting in Quebec City, Canada (June 2015)


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