Ross W. Boulanger

Courses offered:

  • Soil Mechanics (ECI-171, 281A, 281B)
  • Foundation Design (ECI-173, 286)
  • Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (ECI-175, 287)
  • Earth and Rockfill Dams (ECI-288)
  • Geotechnical Professional Practice (ECI-292A,B,C)


“An Introduction to Drilling and Sampling in Geotechnical Practice”

  • by Jason T. DeJong and Ross W. Boulanger, 2nd Edition (2000).
  • This 35 min video introduces drilling and sampling methods common in Geotechnical Engineering practice. Topics include types of drill rigs, rotary wash drilling, solid and hollow stem auguring, SPT testing, thin-walled tube sampling, Pitcher barrel sampling, rock coring, and sample disturbance.
  • This video was produced as an undergraduate independent study project with support from the National Science Foundation (Career Award CMS-95-02530) and Teaching Resources Center & Instructional Media Services of the University of California, Davis. Taber Consultants performed the drilling shown in the video. The above support and assistance is greatly appreciated.
  • The video is available on YouTube at:


Geotechnical Engineering Photo Album

  • A collection of photographs for educational instruction by Ross W. Boulanger and J. Michael Duncan. The full collection of photos, viewable with a browser, are contained in this zip file (46 MB – zip file).