Research Projects

I have several research projects that I work on, but the common connection is novel problems, rigorous formulations and practical applications. I typically work with other faculty/researchers to apply my work so if you can see some potential application then please let me email me.

I have several research assistantship slots available for students who are motivated to do research in data mining. My research is a mix of rigorous algorithm design, implementation and application to novel areas of social importance. Please read some of my work and contact me if your genuinely interested. Do NOT send form letters.

Constrained Clustering (NSF CAREER)

Extensions to complex languages in first order logic, AAAI 2013
Pareto optimization formulations involving cutting two graphs simulataneously – SIAM DM 2013

Event Data and Tensor Analysis (ONR Adversarial Events)

Event data and its analysis, DAMI 2013
Role discovery in graphs, KDD 2013

Transfer and Active Learning (ONR Guided Learning)

Asking easy questions (beyond labels) for active learning, IJCAI 2013
fMRI analysis via constrained tensor decomposition, KDD 2013

Hierarchy Building (Google Grant)

    An integer linear formulation for Hierarchy building, AAAI 2013
Fast efficient hierarchy building with hashing, CIKM 2013

Learning to Rank Across Multiple Domains (Yahoo! Grant)

Active learning to rank extensions for pairwise learning to rank, SIAM DM 2013>

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