Grants (* denotes currently active)

National/International Grants

*DeJong, J.D. (PI), Martinez, A., and Ziotopoulou, K., “In Situ Characterization and Dynamic Response of Well-Graded Coarse-Grained Soils”, National Science Foundation, $695,745, 7/1/2019-6/30/2022.

*Martinez, A. and DeJong, J.T. (Co-PI) “1st International Workshop on Bio-Inspired Geotechnics”, National Science Foundation, $87,714, 1/1/18-6/30/19.

*Bronner, C. and DeJong, J.T. (Co-PI) “REU Site: Bio-mediated & Bio-inspired Geotechnics”, National Science Foundation, $684,435, 3/1/18-2/28/21.

*Boulanger, R.W. and DeJong, J.T. (Co-PI) “Liquefaction evaluations of finely interlayered sands, silts, and clays”, National Science Foundation, $319,356, 10/1/16-9/31/20.

*DeJong, J.T. (PI @ UC Davis) “Engineering Research Center for Bio-Mediated and Bio-Inspired Geotechnics” (Grant PI: Ed Kavazanjian @ ASU), National Science Foundation – ERC, $3,195,000, 08/15-07/20.

*DeJong, J.T. (PI) “RAPID: Biostimulation for Biocementation at Field Scale Treatment Depths”, National Science Foundation – CMMI, $42,754, 04/15-3/16.

*DeJong, J.T. (PI), Boulanger, R.W. (collaborative proposal w/ Don DeGroot & Guoping Zhang @ UMass Amherst) “Sampling and Sample Quality Assessment of Intermediate Soils”, National Science Foundation – CMMI, $310,000, 08/14-07/17.

*Ginn, T.R. and DeJong, J.T. (Co-PI) “A Practical Upscaling of Subsurface Reactive Transport”, National Science Foundation – EAR, $570,679, 07/14-06/17.

*Boulanger, R.W. and DeJong, J.T. (Co-PI) “CPT-based Characterization of Intermediate Soils”, National Science Foundation – CMMI, $556,213, 09/13-08/16.

*DeJong, J.T. (PI), Nelson, D., and Ginn, T. “Bio-cementation Field Scale Trials: Addressing the Challenges of Treatment Uniformity & Verification, Biostimulation, & By-product Management”, National Science Foundation – CMMI, $596,646, 08/12-07/15.

DeJong, J.T. (PI) “Liquefaction Potential Evaluation of Sands with Fines using Variable Penetration Rate Cone Testing”, United States Geological Survey, $96,354, 01/12-12/13.

DeJong, J.T. (PI) (co-organizer is Kenichi Soga @ Cambridge University), “2nd International Workshop on Bio-Soil Interactions and Engineering”, National Science Foundation – CMS, $60,316, 02/11-01/14.

DeJong, J.T. (PI), Boulanger, R.W., and Nelson, D. “NEESR-II Biological Improvement of Sands for Liquefaction Potential and Damage Mitigation”¸ National Science Foundation, $375,000, 08/01/08-08/31/13.

DeJong, J.T. (PI) and Nelson, D. “Bio-mediated Improvement of Soil and Soil-Structure Interface Behavior, National Science Foundation”, National Science Foundation, CMMI, $324,007, 09/07-08/12.

DeGroot, D.J. (PI), DeJong, J.T. (co-PI), et. al (Co-PIs @ UC Davis, Tufts University, Northeastern University, Vassar College) “Developing International Protocols for Offshore Sediments and their Role in Geohazards: Characterization, Assessment, and Mitigation”, National Science Foundation, 12/05-11/11, $2,396,579 (UCD subaward = $362,833).

DeJong J.T. (PI) (co-PIs @ Cambridge University), “International Workshop on Bio-Soil Interactions and Engineering”, National Science Foundation – CMS, $66,570, 05/06-04/07.

DeJong, J.T. “Applicability of Full-Flow Penetration Probes for Characterizing Soft Soil Deposits”, National Science Foundation, 08/03-07/05, $147,454.

DeJong, J.T. “Research Experience for Undergraduates: Applicability of Full-Flow”Penetration Probes for Characterizing Soft Soil Deposits”, National Science Foundation, 06/03-05/04, $6,000.

DeJong, J.T. “Improved Design of Deep Foundations in Cemented Soils through Investigation of the Soil-Structure Interface”, National Science Foundation, International Research Program, 08/01-07/05, $39,175.

DeJong, J.T. “Direct Measurement of Normal Stress in Granular Materials”, Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research, 1999-2000, $660.


State Grants

*DeJong, J.T. “Characterization of Liquefiable Gravelly Soils using the Instrumented Becker Penetration Test”, California Division of Safety of Dams, $315,143, 6/1/16-5/31/18.

 *DeJong, J.T. “Removable Test Pile (RTP) for Improved Pile Design – Phase II”, Caltrans, $374,891, 12/1/12-11/31/15.

*DeJong, J.T. “In-situ Characterization of Gravelly Soils”, California Division of Safety of Dams, $396,800, 6/1/12-5/31/15.

DeJong, J.T. and Nelson, D. “Bio-Mediated Stabilization of Civil Infrastructure”, UC Discovery Program (w/ Geosyntec Consultants), $132,838, 05/01/08-04/31/12.

DeJong, J.T. “Removable Test Pile for Improved Pile Design”, Caltrans, $399,472, 7/1/08-4/31/12.

DeJong, J.T. “In-Situ Identification and Characterization of Intermediate Soils”, Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Lifelines Program, $75,000, 3/1/08 – 2/28/11.

DeJong, J.T. “Site Characterization – Guidelines for Vs Values Based on In-Situ and Laboratory Tests”, Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Lifelines Program, $15,577, 1/1/08 – 8/31/08.

Manwell, J. (PI), DeJong, J.Tl (co-PI) et. al., “HMLP Offshore Wind Turbine Project and Best Practices for Site Selection, Design, and Installation of Offshore Wind Turbines”, Massachusetts Technology Consortium, $1,697,730, 06/06-05/07.

Manwell, J., McGowan, J.G., Rogers, A.L., and DeJong, J.T. “MTC-UMass Offshore Wind Energy Work Order Agreement 05-3 (pilot year funding)”, MTC Offshore Wind Energy Consortium, 09/04-08/05, $199,998.

Civjan, S.A., Brena, S., and DeJong, J.T. “Behavior of Integral Abutment Bridges: Field Data and Computer Modeling”, Massachusetts Highway Department, 01/03-12/03, $126,221.


University Grants

DeJong, J.T. “Optimization of Geotechnical Interface Performance”, UMass FRG, 01/03-12/03, $14,991.

DeJong, J.T. and Westgate, Z. “Interface Behavior of Overconsolidated Granular Soil on Smooth HDPE Geomembranes”, Engineering Alumni Association Project Grant, 2003-2004, $500.


Industry Collaboration Grants

DeJong, J.T. “iBPT Investigation at Priest Rapids and Wanapum Dams, WA”, MWH Americas, 7/16-10/16, $74,059.

DeJong, J.T. “iBPT Investigation of Second Narrows Bridge Alignment”, Golder Assoc. 12/15-3/16, $56,662.

DeJong, J.T. “iBPT Investigation of Bouquet Canyon Dam”, GeoPentech, Inc., 6/14-10/15, $97,619.

DeJong, J.T. “iBPT Investigation of Stone Canyon Dam”, URS, 7/14-12/15, $106,482.

DeJong, J.T. “iBPT Characterization of Gravelly Deposits at the Haiwee North Reservoir”, LADWP/URS, 11/13-07/14, $116,786.

DeJong, J.T. “iBPT Characterization of Gravelly Deposits at the Headworks West Reservoir”, LADWP/AMEC, 06/13-11/13, $59,863.

DeJong, J.T. “Advanced Characterization of an Intermediate Soil Subject to Monotonic and Cyclic Loading”, ENGEO, 06/07-12/07, $46,000.

DeJong, J.T. “Evaluation of Rate Effects on the Strength of Old Bay Mud”, Earth Mechanics Inc., 5/07-12/07, $37,500.

DeJong, J.T. “Evaluation of Multi-Level Piezometer Performance Relative to Conventional Piezometer Installations”, Geokon, Inc., 12/04-12/05, $12,000 funds & $10,030 in-kind.

DeJong, J.T. “Collaborative Industry Research – Investigation of Performance of In Situ Long Term Instrumentation and Monitoring”, Geokon, Inc., 2003-present, $11,000 in-kind.