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  • National Academy of Engineering, 2017
  • Beamish, T., R. Grattet, D. Niemeier (forthcoming) Climate Change and Governance: Land Use and Transportation Law and Policy in California, The Post-Carbon World: Advances in Legal and Social Theory, Brooklyn Law Review
  • Palm, M.G D. Niemeier (conditional accepted) The Effectiveness of Regional Housing Policy Reliant on Federal and Local Funding Sources: Evidence from the San Francisco Bay Area, Journal of the American Planning Association
  • Rouhani, O., D. Niemeier, H.O. Gao & G. Bel (2016) “Cost Benefit Analysis of Various California Renewable Portfolio Standard Targets: Is a 33% RPS Optimal?“, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 62, 1122-1132
  • Guggenheim Fellowship, 2015
  • Gaffron, P. and D. Niemeier (2015) School Locations and Traffic Emissions — Environmental (In)Justice Findings Using a New Screening Method, Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 12(2), 2009-2025
  • 2014, AAAS Fellow
  • Niemeier, D., H. Gombachika, R.R Kortum (2014) How to transform the practice of engineering to meet global health needs, Science, Vol. 345 no. 6202 pp. 1287-1290

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