Research Interests

Research Team:

  •  Charlie Brummitt, Applied Math PhD Candidate.
  •  Samuel Johnson, Computer Science PhD Candidate.
  •  Pierre-Andre Noel, Postdoctoral Scholar.
  •  Umberto Perna, Visiting Research Scholar.
  •  Vikram S Vijayaraghavan, Physics PhD Candidate.
  •  Alex Waagen, Applied Math PhD Candidate.


  • Wei Chen, Applied Math PhD June 2012 (from Peking University).
    Currently: Assistant Professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Haoran Wen, PhD, Jan 2011, Mech and Aero Eng. Now at Amazon R&D.
    (Co-evolution and community structure in socio-technical open-source software networks.)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Leicht, Postdoctoral Scholar 2008-2010.
    Currently: Junior Fellow, Oxford University and Senior Research Fellow, CABDyN Complexity Centre
  • Dr. Soumen Roy, Postdoctoral Scholar, 2007-2009.
    Currently: Assistant Professor, Bose Institute, Kolkata India.
  • Daniel Wuellner, GGAM MS, 2010.
  • Osamu Yamaguchi, Visiting Scientist, 2007-2008, JFE Steel Corporation.
  • Nicholas Linesch, Applied Math, BS 2007. Currently MS Candidiate, TTP UCDavis. (Traffic modeling.)


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