Research Interests

Research Areas

Field Research – General hydrology and irrigation and drainage engineering. Extensive field research conducted related to irrigation, soil salinity and cracking, and drainage as well as general water quality issues associated with agricultural runoff. Current field research is considering erosion and riparian systems, restoration of tidal marshes via drainage channel design and construction, role of wetlands in watershed systems and use of constructed wetlands for treatment of agricultural process (e.g. winery, fruit) wastewaters.

Laboratory Research – Soil physics. Ongoing research related to measurement of soil hydraulic parameters, multi-phase transport through soils, adsorption/desorption of VOC’s on clay minerals, strength of clays and general aspects of flow in porous media.

Modeling Research – Surface runoff and shallow groundwater systems. Have completed extensive modeling of the impacts of regional irrigation/drainage on soil salinity and shallow groundwater, river water quality, pesticide runoff from orchards and seepage from impoundments.

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