Teaching Interests

ECI 137 Construction Principles (4)

Lecture – 3 hours; laboratory – 3 hours. Prerequisite: upper division standing in Engineering; Engineering 104 recommended. Project management, with civil engineering construction and design applications, including project scope, schedule, resources, cost, quality, risk, and control. Construction industry overview. Interactions between planning, design, construction, operations. Construction operations analysis. Contract issues. Project management software, field trips, guest lectures. – III. (III.) Harvey

ECI 179 Pavement Engineering (4)

Lecture – 3 hours; discussion/lecture – 3 hours. Prerequisite: Engineering 104. Pavement types (rigid, flexible, unsurfaced, rail), their applications (roads, airfields, ports, rail) and distress mechanisms. Materials, traffic and environment characterization. Empirical and mechanistic-empirical design procedures. Maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction; construction quality; asphalt concrete mix design. – I. (I.) Harvey

ECI 259 Asphalt and Asphalt Mixes (4)

Lecture – 4 hours. Prerequisite: course 179 or consent of instructor. Asphalts and asphalt mix types and their use in civil engineering structures, with primary emphasis on pavements. Asphalt, aggregate properties and effects on mix properties. Design, construction, recycling. Recent developments and research. Offered in alternate years. – (II.) Harvey

ECI 282 Pavement Design and Rehabilitation (4)

Lecture – 4 hours. Prerequisite: course 179 or consent of instructor. Advanced pavement design and structural/functional condition evaluation for concrete and asphalt pavements. Highways, airfields, port facilities; new facilities, rehabilitation, reconstruction. Mechanistic-empirical procedures, materials, climate and traffic characterization. Use of current design methods; recent developments and research. Offered in alternate years. – II. Harvey

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