Recent Publications:

  1. B.-W. Yoo, M. Megens, T. Chan, T. Sun, W. Yang, C.J. Chang-Hasnain, D.A. Horsley, and M.C. Wu, “Optical phased array using high contrast gratings for two dimensional beamforming and beamsteering,” Optics Express, 21(10), pp. 12238-12248, 2013.
  2. H. Najar, A. Heidari, M-L. Chan, H.S. Yang, L. Lin, D.G. Cahill, and D.A. Horsley, “Microcrystalline diamond micromechanical resonators with quality factor limited by thermoelastic damping,” Applied Physics Letters (Vol.102, Issue 7) DOI: 10.1063/1.4793234
  3. T. Chan, M. Megens, B.-W. Yoo, J. Wyras, C. Chang-Hasnain, M.C. Wu, and D.A. Horsley, “Optical beamsteering using an 8×8 MEMS phased array with closed-loop interferometric phase control,” Optics Express, 21(3), pp. 2807-2815, 2013.
  4. C.E. Korman, M. Megans, C.M. Ajo-Franklin and D.A. Horsley, “Nanopore-spanning lipid bilayers on silicon nitride membranes that seal and selectively transport ions,” Langmuir.
  5. V.T. Rouf, M. Li, and D.A. Horsley, “Area-efficient three-axis MEMS Lorentz force magnetometer,” IEEE Sensors Journal.
  6. Gerardo Jaramillo, Mei-Lin Chan, John O. Milewski, Robert D. Field, and David A. Horsley, “Ferrite Scanning Microscope based on Magnetic Tunnel Junction Sensor,” IEEE Trans. Magnetics, 48(11), Nov. 2012.
  7. A. Guedes, G. Jaramillo, C. Buffa, G. Vigevani, S. Cardoso, D. C. Leitão, P. P. Freitas, and D. A. Horsley, “Towards picoTesla magnetic field detection using a GMR-MEMS hybrid device,” IEEE Trans. Magnetics, 48(11), Nov. 2012.
  8. J.C. Lo, S. Hong, R.J. Anderson, L.P. Lee, D.A. Horsley, and J.L. Skinner, “Fabrication of a Large, Ordered, Three-Dimensional Nanocup Array,” Applied Physics Letters, 101, 081109, 2012.
  9. M. Li, V.T. Rouf, M.J. Thompson, and D.A. Horsley, “Three-Axis Lorentz Force Magnetic Sensor for Electronic Compass Applications,” Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 21(4), pp. 1002-1010, Aug. 2012.
  10. B. Yoxall, M.L. Chan, R. Harake, T. Pan, and D.A. Horsley “Rotary Liquid Droplet Microbearing,” Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 21(3), pp. 721-729, June 2012.

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