Research Interests

Research Focus

My research and education program will focus on three main themes: Campus Zero-net energy and climate neutrality, creating and expanding client-focused project-based design education, and offering meaningful global experiences for UC Davis students to work with underserved communities.

The Program for International Energy Technologies (PIET) and D-lab provide a platform for students, both graduate and undergraduate, to experience hands-on learning through D-Lab and Zero Net Energy (ZNE) courses. Using the Campus as a living lab, PIET works with the UC Davis Energy Conservation office to reduce our energy use and carbon footprint. D-Lab Students work as consultants for community “clients” worldwide delivering feasibility and design studies, project-based curriculum, and other capacity building. PIET and D-lab work with USAID, NSF, the UC Davis Energy Conservation Office, PG&E, Chevron, The US State Department, and UC Davis Global affairs to develop projects and curricula that address issues of energy, sustainability, and equity.

The Big Idea, Sustainable Campus, Sustainable Cities, is a scaling-up of our ZNE initiative, a collaboration between the Energy and Efficiency Institute, the Facilities Management Energy Conservation office (FM-ECO), and Office of Campus Planning and Stewardship. We focus on how people, buildings, and communities can get on the path to climate neutrality, which includes Energy Efficiency, Consumer Behavior, and the Integration and Adoption of Renewable Energy Technologies. Thus, we are engaged in fundamental research, laboratory work and modelling, technology development and pilot projects, as well studying behavioral and economic barriers to adoption. Using the UC Davis campus as a living lab, we will identify, pilot, finance, and implement carbon reduction projects, as well as develop and disseminate best practices to other campuses and cities.

My role as Faculty Assistant to the Dean of the College of Engineering focuses on building the foundation for future Engineering Design Education at UC Davis. In the Winter of 2019 the we will pilot “D-Lab Professional” series course which will engage students in “today’s most pressing design challenges while providing a professional-grade consulting experience”. For more information on the new ESDC see:

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