Momeni, Omeed

Teaching Interests

High-Speed Integrated Electronic Systems Lab (HISIES)


EEC 224 – Terahertz and mm-Wave Integrated Circuit Design

Prerequisite: EEC 132C and EEC 112 or equivalent

This is a graduate course that covers Terahertz and mm-wave applications, Transmitter and receiver architectures for THz and mm-wave systems, Design challenges of passive and active devices, Fundamental oscillation close to maximum oscillation frequency, Voltage controlled oscillators at mm-wave and THz frequencies, Device unilateralization and neutralization and amplification close to maximum oscillation frequency.

Projects: Students learn to use Cadence to design and simulate high-frequency integrated circuits. The projects include mm-wave amplifier and oscillator design.

EEC 110B – Electronic Circuits II

Prerequisite: EEC 110A

This is an undergraduate course on analysis and design of integrated circuits. It covers Single-stage amplifiers, Cascaded amplifier stages, Differential amplifiers, Output stages, Current sources, Frequency response, and Return-ratio analysis of feedback amplifiers.

Lab Section: Student will design, implement and measure different analog blocks in the lab. They include: Single stage amplifier,  Differential amplifier, Current source, Operational amplifier, and Feedback amplifier with compensation.

EEC 100 – Circuits II

Prerequisite: ENG 17 (C- or better)

This is an undergraduate course on theory, application and analysis of analog circuits. The course covers Methods of analysis including frequency response, Fourier series, Spice simulation, and Laplace transform, Operational amplifiers, Design of passive and active filters, and two-port circuit analysis.

Lab Section: Student will learn about different measurement equipments and circuit simulation using Spice. They will also design, implement and measure different analog blocks such as passive filters, operational amplifiers and active filters, and noise reduction systems.