Selected Recent Publications

Wang, C., Z. Li, Z. Pan, and D. Li. 2018. A high-performance optoelectronic sensor device for nitrate nitrogen in recirculating aquaculture systems. Sensors. 18:1-16

Wu, B., Z. Pan, J. Wang, H.M. El-Mashad, B. Wang, and H. Ma. Drying performance and product quality of sliced carrots by infrared blanching followed by different drying methods. International Journal of Food Engineering. 10.1515/ijfe-2017-0384

Deng, L., Z. Pan, S. Mujumdar, J. Zhao, Z. Gao, and H. Xiao. 2019. High-humidity hot air impingement blanching (HHAIB) enhances drying quality of apricots by inactivating the enzymes, reducing drying time and altering the cellular structure. Food Control. 96:104-111.

Mason, J.B., R. Black, S.L. Booth, A. Brentano, B. Broadbent, P. Connolly, J. Finley, J. Goldin, T. Griffin, K. Hagen, J. Lesnik, G. Lewis, Z. Pan, J.M. Ramos, M. Ranalli, G. Rojas, M. Shockley, V.J. Stull, and D. Swietlik. 2018. Fostering strategies to expand the consumption of edible insects: the value of a tripartite coalition between academia, industry, and government. Current Developments in Nutrition. 2(8):1-5.

Chen, J., C. Venkitasamy, Q. Shen, T.H. McHugh, R. Zhang, and Z. Pan. 2018. Development of healthy crispy carrot snacks using sequential infrared blanching and hot air drying method. LWT – Food Science and Technology. 97:469-475.

Zhou, X., J. Zhang, Z. Pan, and D. Li. 2018. Review of methods for the detection and determination of malachite green and leuco-malachite green in aquaculture. Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry.

Ding, C., R. Khir, Z. Pan, D.F. Wood, C. Venkitasamy, K. Ru, H. El-Mashad, and J. Berrios. 2018. Influence of infrared drying on storage characteristics of brown rice. Food Chemistry. 264:149-156.

Wang, C., Z. Li, Z. Pan, D. Li. 2018. Development and characterization of a highly sensitive fluorometric transducer for ultra low aqueous ammonia nitrogen measurements. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 150:364-373.

Venkitasamy, C., C. Zhu, M.T. Brandl, F. J.A. Niederholzer, R. Zhang, T.H. McHugh, and Z. Pan. 2018. Feasibility of using sequential infrared and hot air for almond drying and inactivation of Enterococcus faecium NRRL B-2354. LWT – Food Science and Technology. 95:123-128.

Salazar F., S. Garcia, M. Lagunas-Solar, Z. Pan, J. Cullor. 2018. Effect of a heat-spray and heat-double spray process using radiofrequency technology and ethanol on inoculated nuts. Journal of Food Engineering. 227:51-57.

Almada, L.A.G., I.R. Sitepu, T. Cajka, J. Xu, H.E. Teh, J.B. German, Z. Pan, S.R. Dungan, and D.E Block. 2018. Extracellular fungal polyol lipids: a new class of high value lipids. Biotechnology Advances. 36:397-414.

Zhao, L., Y. Zhang, C. Venkitasamy, Z. Pan, L. Zhang, S. Guo, W. Xiong, H. Xia, W. Liu, and X. Gou. 2018. Preparation of umami octopeptide with recombined Escherichia coli: feasibility and challenges. Bioengineered. 9:166-169.

Zhang, W., Z. Pan, H. Xiao, Z. Zheng, C. Chen, and Z. Gao. 2018. Pulsed vacuum drying (PVD) technology improves drying efficiency and quality of poria cubes. Drying Technology: An International Journal. 36(8):908-921.

Zhao, L., Y. Zhang, Z. Pan, C. Venkitasamy, W. Xiong, S. Guo, H. Xia, and W. Liu. 2018. Effect of electron beam irradiation on quality and protein nutrition of spicy yak jerky. LWT- Food Science and Technology. 87:1-7.

Wu, B, J. Wang, Y. Guo, Z. Pan, and H. Ma. 2017. Effects of infrared blanching and dehydrating pretreatment on oil content of fried potato chips. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation. 1-7. DOI: 10.1111/jfpp.13531.

Zhao, L., Y. Zhang, S. Guo1, W. Xiong, H. Xia, W. Liu, Pan, Z., and C. Venkitasamy. 2017. Effect of irradiation on quality of vacuum packed spicy beef chops. Journal of Food Quality. 1-8.

Khir, R., G. G. Atungulu, C. Ding, and Z. Pan. 2017. Influence of harvester and weather conditions on filed loss and milling quality of rough rice. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. International Journal of Agricultural Biological Engineering. 4:216-223.

Xiao, H., L Deng, H.M. El-Mashad, J. Tang, Z. Gao, Z. Pan, A. Mujumdar, and Q. Zhang. 2017. Recent developments and trends of thermal blanching – a comprehensive review. Information Proceeding in Agriculture. 4:101-127.

Salazar, F., S. Garcia, M. Laguna-Solar, Z. Pan, and J. Cullor. 2017. Efficacy of a heat-spray and heat-double spray process on inoculated nuts with Salmonella enteritidis ATCC 1045. Food Control. 81:74-79.

Wang, B., Y. Zhang, C. Venkitasamy, B. Wu, Z. Pan, and H. Ma. 2017. Effect of pulsed light on activity and structural changes of horseradish peroxidase. Food Chemistry. 234:20-25.

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