Research Interests

Microwave Microsystem Laboratory       Davis Millimeter Wave Research Center

Professor Pham is conducting research in RF, microwave to sub-millimeter-wave frequency   integrated circuit (IC) design, electronic packaging, antennas, and phased array antennas, with applications in wireless communications, radars, energy harvesting, wearable devices and sensing systems.  In the area of IC design, his group is designing and developing integrated circuits in a variety of integrated circuit processes including GaAs, GaN, SiGe and Si CMOS.  The portfolio of integrated circuits developed by his group includes power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, automatic gain controlled amplifiers, rectifier circuits for energy harvesting, mixers, voltage-controlled oscillators, multipliers, phase shifters, true time delay circuits, attenuators and switches from RF to 110 GHz.   He has major research activities in power amplifier developments that include high efficiency techniques (envelope tracking, Doherty, inverse class F, etc.), linearity improvements and wide bandwidth designs.

In the area of electronic packaging, his group aims to develop high-performance packages and modules from RF to sub-millimeter-wave frequencies in an organic platform to reduce size, weight and cost with increasing functionality. Recently, his group has investigated liquid crystal polymer for the development of a hermetic organic packaging platform to achieve high reliability for space applications. His group is also developing integrated and wide bandwidth passive components (baluns, couplers, hybrids, Wilkinson dividers, etc.).

Professor Pham is also conducting research in the development of miniaturized antennas and phased-array antennas that can be used for wireless communications, radars, energy harvesting, wearable devices, and sensing systems.  The portfolio of antennas and phased array antenna subsystems developed by his group includes a triple band antenna (0.9, 1.9 and 2.4 GHz) and rectifier circuit for energy harvesting,  8-element Ka-band (26-40 GHz) phased array antennas, V-band transmitter and receiver antenna modules for gigabit wireless, W-band (75-110 GHz) antenna arrays .

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