Research Interests

Research Interests in Engineering Education:

My main research focus is on pedagogical or curricular innovation for teaching undergraduate courses in Electrical Engineering. Currently I am working on:

  • Developing new curriculum for teaching circuits, electronics and control theory.
  • Developing new instructional materials such as audio-visual units and online course materials
  • Designing project-based undergraduate courses

Research Interests in Integrated Circuit Design:

I believe that it is very important for instructors to have updated knowledge of the field that they teach. Being involved in research, provides the instructors with the opportunity to cope with the fast pace of the progress in our engineering knowledge and to transfer their up-to-date knowledge to the students when the big picture is being explained for them.

My research in electrical engineering includes designing novel radio-frequency and millimeter-wave integrated circuits for ultra-fast and ultra-low-power communications. Currently I am working on:

  • Gain Boosting in Distributed Amplifiers for Close-to-fmax Operation Frequencies in Silicon.
  • Highly-Sensitive Voltage-Boosted CMOS Wake-Up Receivers using High-Q Piezoelectric Transformers.
  • Design Techniques for Enhancing DC-to-RF Efficiency in THz CMOS Oscillators.
  • Low-Power, Low-Voltage CMOS Receiver Front-Ends for Wireless Sensor Networks.

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