David M. Rocke
Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Biostatistics

Ph.D., University of Illinois, Chicago (Mathematics)
Supplemental Coursework, University of Chicago (Statistics)
M.A., University of Illinois, Chicago (Mathematics)
A.B., Shimer College (Mathematics and Physics)

National Merit Scholarship
Graduated “With Distinction” from Shimer College
National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship
Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society
Youden Prize, Chemical Division, American Society for Quality Control
Award for Interlaboratory Testing, American Statistical Associa­tion
Shewell Award, Chemical and Process Industries Division, American Society for Quality Control
Fellow of the American Statistical Association
Statistics in Chemistry Award, American Statistical Association
Elected to Membership in the International Statistical Institute
Distinguished Service Award, Division of Molecular Orthopaedics, University of Pennsylvania
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Distinguished Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, UC Davis, 2011–present.
Distinguished Professor, Department of Applied Science (Engineering), UC Davis, 2007–2011, Professor 2000–2007.
Distinguished Professor, Division of Biostatistics, Dept. of Public Health Sciences (Medicine), UC Davis, 2007–present, Professor 1997–2007.
Director of Biostatistics, UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center, 2010–present.
Director, UC Davis Center for Biomarker Discovery, 2010–present.
Member, UC Davis Genome Center, 2004–present.
Member, UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, 1998–present.
Co-Director, Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization (formerly Center for Image Processing and Integrated Computing), UC Davis, 1996–2007.
Director, Center for Digital Security, UC Davis, 2001–2007.
Director, Center for Statistics in Science and Technology, UC Davis, 1995–99.
Professor Graduate School of Management, UC Davis, 1986–2000. Associate Professor, 1980–1986.
Academic Visitor, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College, London, 1987–1988.
University Professor of Business Administration, Governors State University, 1974–80.

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