Recent publications

Cheng Y-S, Labavitch J, VanderGheynst JS. 2015. Elevated CO2 concentration impacts cell wall polysaccharide composition of green microalgae of the Genus Chlorella Letters in Applied Microbiology 60(1):1-7.

Cheng Y-S, Labavitch J, VanderGheynst JS. 2015. Organic and inorganic nitrogen impact Chlorella variabilis productivity and host quality for viral production and cell lysis. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 176(2):467-479.

Fernández L, Scher H, Jeoh T, VanderGheynst J. 2015. Room-temperature storage of microalgae in water-in-oil emulsions: influence of solid particle type and concentration in the oil phase. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 38(12):2451-2460.

Fernández L, Scher H, VanderGheynst JS. 2015. The role of silica nanoparticles on long-term room-temperature stabilization of water-in-oil emulsions containing microalgae. Letters in Applied Microbiology 61(6):568–572.

Higgins B, Labavitch JM, VanderGheynst JS. 2015. Co-culturing Chlorella minutissima with Escherichia coli can increase neutral lipid production and improve biodiesel quality. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 112(9):1801-1809.

Higgins BT, Nobles D, Ma Y, Wikoff W, Kind T, Fiehn O, Brand J, VanderGheynst JS. 2015. Informatics for improved algal taxonomic classification and research: A case study of UTEX 2341. Algal Research 12:545-549.

Lee C, Zheng Y, VanderGheynst JS. 2015. Effects of pretreatment conditions and post–pretreatment washing on ethanol production from dilute acid pretreated rice straw. Biosystems Engineering 137:36-42.

Tsugawa H, Cajka T, Kind T, Ma Y, Higgins B, Ikeda K, Kanazawa M, VanderGheynst J, Fiehn O, M A. 2015. MS-DIAL: Data independent MS/MS deconvolution for comprehensive metabolome analysis. Nature Methods 12:523-526.

Yu C, Reddy AP, Simmons CW, Simmons BA, Singer SW, VanderGheynst JS. 2015. Preservation of microbial communities enriched on lignocellulose under thermophilic and high-solid conditions. Biotechnology for Biofuels 8(206):1-13.

Achmon Y, Fernández-Bayo JD, Hernandez K, McCurry DG, Harrold DR, Su J, Dahlquist-Willard RM, Stapleton JJ, VanderGheynst JS, Simmon CW. 2016. Weed seed inactivation in soil mesocosms via biosolarization with mature compost and tomato processing waste amendments Pest Management Science In press.

Achmon Y, Harrold DR, Claypool JT, Stapleton JJ, VanderGheynst JS, Simmons CW. 2016. Assessment of tomato and wine processing solid wastes as soil amendments for biosolarization. Waste Management 48:156-164.

Dahlquist-Willard RM, Marshall MN, Betts S, Tuell-Todd C, VanderGheynst J, Stapleton J. 2016. Development and validation of a Weibull-Arrhenius model to predict thermal inactivation of Black Mustard (Brassica nigra) seeds under fluctuating temperature regimens. Biosystems Engineering 151:350-360.

Fernández L, Higgins BT, Scher H, VanderGheynst JS. 2016. Spray application and release of microalgae from water-in-oil emulsions. Current Biotechnology(5):154-162.

Higgins BT, Gennity I, Samra S, Kind T, Fiehn O, VanderGheynst JS. 2016. Cofactor symbiosis for enhanced algal growth, biofuel production, and wastewater treatment. Algal Research 17:308-315.

Pace S, Ceballos SJ, Harrold D, Stannard W, Simmons BA, Singer SW, Thelen MP, VanderGheynst JS. 2016. Enrichment of microbial communities tolerant to the ionic liquids tetrabutylphosphonium chloride and tributylethylphosphonium diethylphosphate. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology:1-14.

Rezaei F, Simmons CW, Lee CM, Labavitch J, VanderGheynst JS. 2016. Dynamics in Carbohydrate Active Enzymes and Microbial Communities during Ensilage of Food Processing Residues. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 32(3):439-447.

Simmons CW, Higgins B, Staley S, Joh LD, Simmons BA, Singer SW, Stapleton JJ, VanderGheynst JS. 2016. The role of organic matter amendment level on soil heating, organic acid accumulation, and development of bacterial communities in solarized soil. Applied Soil Ecology 106:37-46.

Wu Y-W, Higgins B, Yu C, Reddy AP, Ceballos S, Joh LD, Simmons BA, Singer SW, VanderGheynst JS. 2016. Ionic Liquids Impact the Bioenergy Feedstock-Degrading Microbiome and Transcription of Enzymes Relevant to Polysaccharide Hydrolysis. mSystems 1(6).

Yu C, Simmons BA, Singer SW, Thelen MP, VanderGheynst JS. 2016. Ionic liquid-tolerant microorganisms and microbial communities for lignocellulose conversion to bioproducts. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 100(24):10237-10249.

Oldfield TL, Achmon Y, Perano KM, Dahlquist-Willard RM, VanderGheynst JS, Stapleton JJ, Simmons CW, Holden NM. 2017. A life cycle assessment of biosolarization as a valorization pathway for tomato pomace utilization in California. Journal of Cleaner Production 141:146-156.

Yu C, Harrold DR, Claypool JT, Simmons BA, Singer SW, Simmons CW, VanderGheynst JS. 2017. Nitrogen amendment of green waste impacts microbial community, enzyme secretion and potential for lignocellulose decomposition. Process Biochemistry 52:214-222.

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