Associate Adjunct Professor Hung, Tien-Chieh

Prof. Hung works in the area of aquacultural engineering including computational fluid dynamics, biomimetic particle filtration system design, recirculating culture system design, cultural technique development, and fish behavior. He has been working with the endangered Delta Smelt since 2008 and is Director of the Fish Conservation and Culture Laboratory and manages the refuge population of the Delta Smelt. His current study is focusing on the behavior of Delta Smelt at various environment, culture technique improvement, fish marking, and the effect of domestication on the captive fish. In addition, Dr. Hung also has four-year working experience as a R&D in a chemical pesticide company responsible for the formula and formulation design.

Tien-Chieh Hung

Tien-Chieh Hung

Dept. Biological & Agricultural Engineering
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University of California
Davis, CA 95616

Fish Conservation and Culture Laboratory
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