Hung, Tien-Chieh

Senior Design

2023 Optimizing methods for spine separation and pigment extraction from sea urchins
Rashida Lester, Jacob Mueller, Henry Nguyen, Jody Wong

2022 Zooplankton separation to improve identification by images
Stephany Aguayo Uribe, Steven Nguyen

2021 Brewing worm tea using worm casting byproducts
Rayah Duane, Emily Ou, Alejandro Prieto

2016 Egg separation and counting device
Kary Jiayong Liang, Sean Tang, Jessica Wilmer

2016 Fish egg mold prevention
Brett Fergusson, Mathew Mathai, Calvin Yee

2015 Culturing aquatic snails in a recirculating aquaculture system
Galen Anderson, Felicia Manan, Sumana Seshadri