Zhang, Junshan

Information Networks and Edge AI Group

Current Ph.D and MS Students

  • Amirali Ataee,  09/23–,  B.S. (Univ of Tehran)
  • Dechen Gao (co-advised with Prof. Iman Soltani),  04/2023 –, B.S. (Shangdong Univ), MS (UC Davis),  
  • Qiaoyi Fang ,  09/2022–, B.S. (Duke)
  • Runxiong Wu,  09/2022 –, B.S. and M.S. (SUSTech)
  • Hanchu Zhou,   09/2022 –, B.S. (Zhejiang Univ.)
  • Imran Adham,   01/2022–, B.S. (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Hang Wang,   08/2019–,  B.S. (Univ. of Science and Technology of China)

Former Ph.D Students

  • Zhaofeng Zhang (ASU),   Ph.D., 10/2023,  postdoc at ASU (11/2023–),  M.S. (Arizona State University)
  • Sen Lin (co-advised with Lei Ying),  Ph.D, 10/2021, Assistant Professor in  Computer Science Department at University of Houston (08/2023–),   postdoc at OSU (07/2022-07/2023),   M.S.(Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology),  B.E.(Zhejiang Univ.)
  • Mehmet Dedeoglu, Ph.D, 10/2021, currently with Intel, M.S. & B.S.(Bilkent Univ.)
  • Weina Wang (Ph.D, 05/2016; co-advised with Lei Ying). Assistant Professor in Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University (08/2018–), Postdoc at UIUC (08/2016–07/2018), B.E.(Tsinghua Univ.)
  • Mojgan Hedayati (Ph.D., 12/2016; co-advised with Kory Hedman). Currently with ABB, M.S.& B.S.(Sharif Univ. of Technology)
  • Mengyuan Zhang, Ph.D., currently with Alibaba, M.S.(Univ. of New South Wales),  B.E.(Zhejiang Univ.)
  • David Ganger (Ph.D., 07/2016; co-advised with Vijay Vittal). Currently with Schneider Electric as a Power Systems Consultant, B.S.(Arizona State Univ.)
  • Brian Proulx (Ph.D., 08/2015). Currently with MIT Lincoln Laboratory, M.S.(Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), B.S.(Univ. of Notre Dame)
  • Xiaowen Gong (Ph.D., 05/2015). Associate Professor with ECE Department at Auburn University (01/2017–), Postdoc at OSU (08/2015–12/2016), M.S.(Univ. of Alberta), B.S.(Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology)
  • Miao He (Ph.D., 07/2013; co-advised with Vijay Vittal). Associate Professor with EE Department at Texas Tech Univ. (08/2013–), M.E.(Tsinghua Univ.), B.E.(Nanjing Univ. of Posts and Telecom.)
  • Lei Yang (Ph.D., 11/2012). Associate Professor with Computer Science Department at University of Nevada, Reno (08/2015–), M.S.& B.S.(Southeast Univ.)
  • Dajun Qian (Ph.D., 11/2012). Currently with Google, M.S.& B.S.(Southeast Univ.)
  • Shanshan Wang (Ph.D., 08/2012). Currently with QualComm Inc, M.S.& B.S.(Zhejiang Univ.)
  • Chandrashekar Theajaswi P.S. (Ph.D., 01/2011). Currently with Samsung Electronics India Software Operations, M.S.(Indian Institute of Science), B.E.(B.M.S. College of Engineering)
  • Qinghai Gao (Ph.D., 11/2008). Currently with Amazon, M.S.(Xidian Univ.), B.S.(Xidian Univ.),
  • Weiyan Ge (Ph.D., 09/2008). Currently with Apple Inc., M.S.(Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong), B.S.(Peking Univ.)
  • Dong Zheng (Ph.D., 08/2007). Currently with Facebook, M.S.(Mississippi State Univ.), B.S.(Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.)
  • Bo Wang (Ph.D., 08/2006). Currently with QualComm Inc., M.S.(Tsinghua Univ.), B.S.(Tsinghua Univ.)
  • Ming Hu (Ph.D., 08/2004). Currently with Apple Inc., M.S.(Tsinghua Univ.), B.S.(Tsinghua Univ.)O

Current and Former Post-doctoral Scholars

  • Shusen Jing (08/2022–07/2023), jointly with Prof. Zhi Ding,
  • Wei Shao (11/2021–05/2023), Research Scientist, CSIRO, Australia.
  • Sen Lin (10/2021–6/2022), Assistant Professor in  Computer Science Department at University of Houston (08/2023–),   postdoc at OSU (07/2022-07/2023)
  • Kemi Ding (09/2018–08/2019), currently Assistant Professor at Southern Univ of Science and Technology, Ph.D. (Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology), B.S.(Huazhong Univ. of Sci. & Tech.)
  • Xuanyu Cao (08/2017–06/2019), currently Assistant Professor at Hongkong Univ of Science and technology,  (joint postdoc with Prof. H. Vincent Poor at Princeton University), Ph.D. & M.S. (Univ. of Maryland), B.S.(Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.)
  • Trevor Werho (07/2016–03/2021), currently with APS, Ph.D.(Arizona State Univ.), B.S.(Arizona State Univ.)
  • Jun Zhao (06/2015–03/2017), currently Assistant Professor at Nangyang Technical Univ. of Singapore, Singapore, Ph.D.(Carnegie Mellon University), B.E.(Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.)
  • Xu Chen (08/2012–02/2014), currently Professor at Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China, Ph.D.(Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong), B.S.(South China Univ. of Technology)
  • Donghoon Shin (08/2012–08/2015), currently with AT&T Labs, Ph.D.(Purdue Univ.), M.S.(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), B.E.(Korea Univ.)
  • Lei Yang (12/2012–06/2015), (postdoc jointly with Prof. H. Vincent Poor at Princeton University), currently Associate  Professor at University of Nevada, Reno, Ph.D.(Arizona State Univ.), M.S.& B.S.(Southeast Univ.)
  • Chuan Huang (08/2012–07/2014), currently Professor at Chinese University of Hongkong (Shenzhen), Ph.D.(Texas A&M Univ.), M.S.&B.S.(Univ. of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
  • Shibo He (05/2012–05/2014), currently Professor at Zhejiang University, Ph.D.(Zhejiang Univ.)
  • Sugumar Murugesan (07/2010–03/2012), Ph.D.& M.S.(The Ohio State Univ.), B.E.(Anna Univ.)
  • Osman Yagan (08/2011–12/2011), currently Research Professor at Carnegie Mellon Univ., Ph.D.(Univ. of Maryland), B.E.(Middle East Technical Univ.)
  • Chandra Theajaswi P.S.(02/2011–08/2011), Ph.D.(Arizona State Univ.), M.S.(Indian Institute of Science)
  • Eric Kin Wah Kwong, Ph.D.(Univ. of Pennsylvania), MPhil& BE (Hongkong Univ. of Science and Technology)
  • Tuan Tran (05/2010–01/2011), Ph.D.(Oregon State Univ.), M.S.(Politecnico di Torino), M.S.& B.S.(Hanoi Univ. of Technology)
  • Dong Zheng (03/2009–12/2009), currently with Meta Inc,  Ph.D.(Arizona State Univ.), M.S.(Mississippi State Univ.), B.S.(Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.)

Former Master Students

  • Anirban Bhattacharya, M.S., 05/2017–05/2018, B.S.(KIIT Univ.), currently with Apple.
  • Beibei Liu, M.S., 01/2016–05/2018, B.E.(Univ. of Electronic Science and Technology of China), currently with Ciena Corporation.
  • Jun Chen (co-advised with Lei Ying), M.S., 08/2014–, B.S.(Univ. of Science and Technology of China)
  • Yangjun Li, currently with Amazon AWS, M.S., 08/2015–08/2018, B.S.(Yanshan Univ.)
  • Zhengyu Zhang, M.S., 08/2012–12/2015, B.S.(Southeast Univ.)
  • Lian Lu, M.S., 08/2013–08/2015, M.S.(Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong), B.S.(Tsinghua Univ.)
  • Ashwin Kowdle, M.S., 05/2007–11/2008, currently with QualComm.
  • Daniel Aguiar, M.S., 01/2005–07/2006,  
  • Kai Bai, M.S., 08/2003–01/2005, currently with Apple
  • Zhifeng Hu, M.S., 08/2003–06/2005
  • Eric Lentz, M.S., 01/2002–07/2003,  
  • Raju, M.S., 08/2001–12/2003, currently with Sirf. Inc

Visiting Scholars and Students

  • Shi Yan, Visiting Student, 08/2015–, currently Ph.D. student at Beijing Univ. of Posts and Telecom., B.S.(Beijing Univ. of Posts and Telecom.)
  • Yang Cao (08/2011–), B.E.(Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology)
  • Kai Cai (08/2011–07/2012), Ph.D.& M.S.(Peking Univ.)
  • Ling Tang, Visiting Student, 08/2010–08/2012, currently Ph.D. student at Southeast Univ., B.S.(Hunan Univ.)
  • Huilan Zou, Visiting Scholar, 02/2008–02/2009, currently with Central Univ. for Nationalities
  • Jia Lou, Visiting Student, 09/2008–08/2009, currently with Beijing Univ. of Posts and Telecom., Ph.D.(Beijing Univ. of Posts and Telecom.), B.S.(Jilin Univ.)