Zhang, Junshan


Current Research Interest

My research interests fall in the general field of information networks and data science, including edge intelligence, reinforcement learning, continual learning, network optimization and control, game theory, with applications in connected and automated vehicles,  5G and beyond, wireless networks, IoT, and smart grid. Together, these areas have a wide range of intellectual emphasis. My research draws on a synergy of advanced mathematical tools to deliver practical network solutions. I believe that to make great impact, engineering research should be application-driven and should bridge theory and practice, and researchers can build a broad spectrum to tackle the challenges in cutting-edge applications and meet the societal demands therein.

Research Projects

 National Science Foundation (NSF):

  • Principal Investigator, “CNS Core: Small: Reinforcement Learning for Real-time Wireless Scheduling and Edge Caching: Theory and Algorithm Design,” NSF.
  • Principal Investigator (co-PIs: G. Dasarathy, Z. Ding (UC Davis), N. Li (Harvard), “ Collaborative Research: MLWiNS: Distributed Learning over Multi-Access Channels: From Bandlimited Coordinate Descent to Gradient Sketching ,” NSF.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (PI: Lei Ying), “TWC SBE: Small: Towards an Economic Foundation of Privacy-Preserving Data Analytics: Incentive Mechanisms and Fundamental Limits,” NSF, 8/2016–7/2019.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (PI: V. Vittal at ASU; co-PIs: Virginia Kwan and Larry Mays), “CRISP Type 2: Resilient Cyber-Enabled Electric Energy and Water Infrastructures: Modeling and Control under Extreme Mega Drought Scenarios,” NSF, 8/2015– 7/2018.
  • Principal Investigator (co-PIs: L. Ying and J. Kitchen at ASU), “EARS: Joint Optimization of RF Design and Smartphone Sensing: From Adaptive Sniffing to WAZE-Inspired Spectrum Sharing,” NSF, 9/2015– 9/2018.
  • Principal Investigator, “Social Tie Aware Spectrum Sharing: Physical-Social Game and Cloud-based Cooperative Sensing,” NSF, 8/2014– 7/2017.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (PI: Lei Yang), “WiFiUS: Exploiting Social Structure for Cooperative Mobile Networking,” NSF.
  • Principal Investigator, “An Exchange Market Approach for Mobile Crowdsensing,” NSF.
  • Principal Investigator, “NeTS: Small: Meeting Hard Deadlines of Real-Time Traffic: From Wireless Scheduling to Smart Charging,” NSF.
  • Principal Investigator (co-PI: Y. Zhang at ASU), “Inducing and Exploiting Spectrum Predictability via Traffic Shaping and Mobility for Cognitive Communication in White Space,” NSF.
  • Principal Investigator (co-PI: Vittal at ASU, P.R. Kumar and S. Vasudevan at UIUC ), “CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Architecture and Distributed Management for Reliable Mega-scale Smart Grids,” NSF.
  • Principal Investigator, “NeTS: Small: The Impact of Message Passing Complexity on QoS Provisioning in Stochastic Wireless Networks,” NSF.
  • Principal Investigator (co-PI: Xue at ASU and P.R. Kumar at UIUC), “NeTS: Medium: Collaborative Research: MIMO-Pipe Modeling, Scheduling and Delay Analysis in Multi-hop MIMO Networks,” NSF.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (PI: Xue at ASU), “IHCS: Improving Coverage and Connectivity in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks through Relay, Cooperation, and Mobility,” NSF.
  • Principal Investigator (co-PI: P.R. Kumar at UIUC), “NeTS-WN: Collaborative Research: Channel-Aware Distributed Scheduling for Optimal Throughput and Latency: A Unified PHY & MAC Approach,” NSF.
  • Principal Investigator, “A NSF Proposal to Support Young Scientists and Graduate Students in 2007 IEEE Communication Theory Workshop in Sedona, Arizona,” NSF.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (PI: Spanias at ASU), “Collaborative Research: CCLI-EMD; Development of On-line Laboratories for Networks, Probability Theory, Signals and Systems, and Multimedia Computing” NSF.
  • Principal Investigator, “CAREER: Efficient Resource Management and Multi-Access Protocols For Bursty Traffic Over Wireless Networks: A Cross-Layer Design Approach,” NSF.
  • Principal Investigator, “CDMA/HMD (Hierarchical Multiuser Diversity) Access Schemes for Multimedia Wireless Networks,” NSF.

Department of Defense (DOD):

  • Principal Investigator (co-PI: Vincent H. Poor at Princeton Univ.), “Integrated Cognitive Mobile and Social Networking,” DoD ARO.
  • Principal Investigator (co-PI: S. Cui at TAMU), “Foundations for Network Resilience Against Cascading Failures: Modeling, Fundamental Limits and Robust Network Architecture,” DoD DTRA.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (PI: Calderbank at Princeton and 9 co-PIs), “Information Dynamics as Foundation for Network Management,” DoD MURI.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (PI: A. Sen at ASU, and co-PI: Ramchandran at UC Berkeley and C. Qiao at SUNY Buffalo), “A Robust and Resilient Network Design Paradigm for Region-based Faults inflicted by WMD Attack,” DoD DTRA.
  • Principal Investigator, “Networked Information Gathering in Stochastic Sensor Networks: Compressive Sensing, Adaptive Network coding and Robustness,” AFOSR.
  • Principal Investigator, “Situational Awareness through Multi-layer Spectrum Sensing and Network Design,” AFOSR.
  • Principal Investigator, “Information Geometric Network Architecture for Heterogeneous Network Management,” AFOSR.
  • Principal Investigator, “Energy Efficient Cross-Layer Design for Disadvantaged Wireless Networks: Dynamic Sensor Management, Channel-Aware Data Transport and Survivability,” Office of Naval Research YIP.
  • Principal Investigator, “Energy-Efficient Cross Layer Algorithms for Ad-Hoc & Sensor Networks,” SPAWAR (ONR).

Department of Energy (DOE):

  • Principal Investigator (co-PIs: V. Vittal, K. Hedman, A. Scaglione at ASU; J.P. Watson at Sandia Lab, N. Vempati at Nexant), “Stochastic Optimal Power Flow for Real-Time Management of Distributed Renewable Generation and Demand Response,” ARPA-E NODES program.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (PI: V.Vittal, and 20+ PIs), “DOE PSERC Initiative: Investigate the Information Hierarchy for the Future Grid,” Dept. of Energy (DOE).

Industrial Projects:

  • Co-Principal Investigator (PI: K. Hedman, and co-PI: S. Oren at UC Berkeley), “Reliability Metrics for Renewable Resources and Self-Reserves,” PSERC.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (PI: V. Vittal, and co-PI: M. Kezunovic at TAMU), “Data mining to characterize signatures of impending system events or performance from PMU measurements in smart grid,” PSERC.
  • Principal Investigator, “Optimal Design for Multi-Channel MAC with Directional Antenna,” John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.
  • Principal Investigator, “Cellular Cross-Layer Design: Analysis and Simulation,” Intel Research Council.

State of Arizona Projects:

  • Co-Principal Investigator (PI: Duman at ASU), “A complete wireless communication system for the next generation information technology,” State of Arizona, 6/2002– 5/2003.