Integrated Circuit Design for Power Electronics (EEC 289O)

New! This first-year graduate class will introduce students to the basics of power management IC design. Topics will include linear regulators, inductor-based switching converters, switched-capacitor converters, and energy harvesting. Design projects and a final project will use Cadence for schematic capture and verification through simulation.

EEC 289O Winter 2015 Syllabus

Next Offering: Winter 2020
Past Offerings: Winter 2019, Spring 2017, Winter 2015

Low Power Digital IC Design (EEC 216)

The dramatic growth of mobile devices and concerns about the environment and total cost of ownership of servers and data centers has driven low power design to the forefront of IC design. EEC 216 is a broad introduction to topics in low power IC design, with an emphasis on digital circuits, that includes power estimation at all levels of design hierarchy, speed-power tradeoffs for various logic families, and techniques for managing subthreshold leakage current. Design projects and a final project require the use of Cadence.

EEC 216 Winter 2014 Syllabus

Next Offering: Spring 2020
Past Offerings: Spring 2018, Winter 2016, Winter 2011-2012, Spring 2010, Winter 2004-2009


MOS Analog Circuit Design (EEC 210)

An introduction to the fundamentals of analog IC design using CMOS devices, EEC 210 covers single transistor amplifiers, differential amplifiers, current sources and references, feedback , noise, and frequency response, culminating in the design and analysis of a two-stage CMOS operational amplifier.

Past Offerings: Fall 2008, Fall 2005-2006