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The following are current and past students that are/were affiliated with Dr. Erickson as their thesis/dissertation or research chair and the Hydrogen Production and Utilization Laboratory/Energy Research Laboratory. (First employer after leaving the laboratory noted in parentheses)

MAE=UC Davis Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dept.

TTP=UC Davis Transportation Technology and Policy Graduate Group

RES=Renewable Energy Science Program Akureyri, Iceland

  1. David D. Davieau (MS MAE) Thesis: An Analysis of Space Velocity and Aspect Ratio Parameters in Steam-Reforming Hydrogen Production Reactors. Graduated 2004 (Lockheed Martin Sunnyvale, CA) Recipient of the ITS Outstanding Thesis Award 2004.
  2. Glenn Snyder (MS MAE)  Masters Plan 2 Graduated (HVAC Design, Fairfield, CA)
  3. Matthew Forrest (MS TTP) Thesis: An Evaluation of the Nexa Power Module as the Basis of a Fuel Cell Powered Auxiliary Power Unit. Graduated 2004 (DaimlerChrysler, West Sacramento, CA)
  4. Jonathan Otero (MS MAE) Thesis: Quantifying the Limiting Mechanisms in Methanol-Steam Reformation. Graduated 2005 (BP, Chicago, Il)
  5. Michael Beerman (MS MAE) Thesis: Improving the Transient Response of Steam Reformers Through the Use of Acoustic Waves. Graduated 2005 (Chevron, Houston, TX)
  6. Bryce Dudgeon (MS MAE) Masters Plan 2. Graduated (Siemens Rail Division, Sacramento, CA)
  7. J. Lars Dorr (MS MAE) Thesis: Methanol autothermal reformation : oxygen-to-carbon ratio and reaction progression. Graduated (US Navy Power Systems Division, Honolulu, HI)
  8. Taylor Roche (MS MAE) Thesis: Correlating PEM Fuel Cell Degradation Through Neural Network Modeling Techniques. Graduated 2007 (DaimlerChrysler, West Sacramento, CA)
  9. Zachary Zoller (MS TTP) Thesis: Acoustic and Vibration Analysis of Transit Fuel Cell versus Conventional Internal Combustion Engine Transit Buses. Graduated 2006 (Blue Oak Energy, Davis, CA)
  10. Hyung Chul (Hank) Yoon (MS MAE and PhD MAE) Dissertation: Comparison of Steam and Autothermal Reforming of Methanol for Fuel cell Applications. Graduated 2008 (Swiss Federal Technical Institute, Zurich, Switzerland)
  11. Chang-Hsien (Jim) Liao (MS MAE and PhD MAE) Dissertation: Hydrogen production enhancement and the effect of passive mixing using flow disturbers in a steam-reforming reactor. Graduated 2008 (UC Davis as Post-doctoral Scholar)
  12. Matthew Caldwell (MS TTP and PhD TTP) Dissertation: Reformation of Hydrous Mixed Alcohols Derived from Thermochemical Biomass Conversion as a Renewable Distributed Hydrogen Pathway. Graduated 2008 (REII, Sacramento, CA)
  13. Anthony Montevirgen (MS MAE) Thesis: Acceleration of the transient response of automotive catalytic converters a study of the use of hydrogen in active light-off techniques. Graduated 2008 (Apple Computers, San Jose, CA)
  14. Andrew Shabeshevich (MS MAE) Thesis: Analysis of Powertrain Design on Effective Waste Heat Recovery from Conventional and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Graduated 2008 (IAV Automotive Research, Ann Arbor, MI)
  15. Jonathan Woolley (MS MAE) Thesis: Hydrogen production from autothermal reformation of ethanol iso-octane mixtures: Experimental validation of chemical equilibrium analysis and the effects of dilution. Graduated 2008 (Energy Efficiency Center, UC Davis)
  16. Ziv Lang (MS MAE) Thesis: A comparison of hydrogen-air, methane-air, and hydrogen-enriched methane-air mixtures used to maintain automotive catalyst temperatures. Graduated 2008 (California Air Resources Board Sacramento, CA)
  17. Kurt Lawrence Kornbluth (Ph.D. MAE) Dissertation: Hydrogen enrichment of landfill gas for enhanced combustion in internal-combustion reciprocating engines. Graduated 2008(UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center, Davis, CA)
  18. Hong-Yue (Ray) Tang (Ph.D. MAE) Dissertation: Reactor controller design for steam and autothermal reforming for fuel cell applications. Graduated 2009 (Lecturer, Sacramento State University, Sacramento, CA)
  19. Todd Skinner (MS MAE) Thesis: Using hydrogen to maintain catalyst temperature on automotive oxidation catalysts. Graduated (Oorja Protonics, Fremont, CA)
  20. Ryan Gemlich (MS MAE) Thesis: Reduction of Hydrocarbons in the Cold Start in an Alcohol Burning Internal Combustion Engine. Graduated 2010 (UC San Diego PhD program)
  21. David Vernon (MS MAE and PhD MAE) Thesis 2006: Understand the Effects of Reactor Geometry and Scaling through Temperature Profiles in Steam-Reforming Hydrogen Production Reactors. Dissertation 2010: Hydrogen Enrichment and Thermochemical Recuperation in Internal Combustion Engines: An Investigation of Dilution and Inlet Temperature Effects in the Autothermal Reformation of Ethanol. Graduated 2010.   (Assistant Professor, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA) Recipient of the ITS Outstanding Thesis Award 2007.
  22. William Marin (MS MAE) Thesis: An Experimental Investigation of Hydrogen Fumigation in a Small Direct-Injection Diesel Engine During Part-Load Operation. Graduated 2010 (Itron, Davis, CA)
  23. Mitchell Samson (MS RES Iceland Program) Graduated 2010 (Ford Motor Company)
  24. Jesse Remillard (MS MAE) Masters Plan 2 Graduated 2011 (Energy & Resource Solutions, Augusta, Maine)
  25. Jason Greenwood (MS MAE) Thesis: Hydrogen Enrichment for the Extension of the Lean Limit and Enhanced Combustion in an Alcohol-Fueled Spark-Ignition Engine. Graduated 2011 (LGR, Carlsbad, CA)
  26. David Kashevaroff (MS MAE) Thesis: Hybrid mode autothermal reformation of methanol: Initial investigation of short contact time methods. Graduated 2011 (Brass Engineering International, San Ramon, CA)
  27. Ian Sit (MS MAE) Thesis: A Comparative Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Flow Impingement in Steam-Reforming Reactors. Graduated 2011 (Penumbra Inc., Alameda, CA)
  28. Eddie Jordan (Ph.D. MAE) Dissertation: Hydrogen Enrichment in Internal Combustion Engines: An Investigation of Performance and Emissions using Hydrogen-Ethanol Bi-fueling. Graduated 2011 (IEC Renewables, LLC Sacramento, CA)
  29. Karan Jhaveri (PhD MAE) PELP (Electric Vehicles International, Stockton, CA)
  30. Shahla Mammadova (MS MAE) Thesis: Heat transfer enhancements in packed beds with symmetrical heating using flow diversion. Graduated 2012 (Anvil Corporation, Concord,  CA)
  31. Jeff Merrill (MS MAE) Thesis: A Quantitative Evaluation of a Serial Hybridization Architecture for Selected Watercraft Applications. Graduated 2012 (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA)
  32. Anant Singh (MS MAE) Thesis: The effect of passive mixing on pressure drop and oxygen mass fraction using opposing channel flow field design in a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell. Graduated 2012 (Amy’s Kitchen , Petaluma, CA)
  33. Aaron Sanders (MS MAE) Thesis: Control Strategies in Light Fuel Cell Charge Sustaining Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Graduated 2012 (Blue Oak Energy, Davis, California)
  34. Karthik Ganesh (MS MAE) Thesis: Modeling the reaction kinetics of a hydrogen generator onboard a fuel cell – electric hybrid motorcycle. Graduated 2012 (EnerVault, Sunnyvale, CA)
  35. Magdalena Brum (MS MAE)  Thesis: A comparative study of district and individual thermal energy systems providing heating, cooling, and domestic hot water for low-energy residential community applications.  Graduated 2013 (Energy Efficiency Center UC Davis, Davis, CA)
  36. Kyle Gaiser (MS MAE) Thesis: An Experimental Investigation of Design Parameters for Pico-Hydro Turgo Turbines Using a Response Surface Methodology. Graduated 2013 (Sandia National Lab, Livermore, CA)
  37. Kevin Uy (MS MAE) Thesis: An Exploration of Flow Deflection and Heated Length for Pelletized and Structured Catalysts in Steam-Reforming Reactors. Graduated 2014 (California Energy Commission, Sacramento, CA)
  38. Isaac Silva (MS MAE) Thesis: Onboard Hydrogen Generation for a Spark-Ignition Engine via Thermochemical Recuperation. Graduated 2014 (Performance Structures Inc., Oakland, CA)
  39. Arjun Tejaswi (MS MAE) Thesis: Fuel Cell Cathode Side Air Supply Contamination: Comparison of Prevention Strategies and their Viability. Graduated 2014. (California Energy Commission, Sacramento, CA)
  40. Fethia Amrouche (University of Algiers PhD) Dissertation: Hydrogen gasoline mixtures in a wankel Engine (In French) Graduated 2014 (Hydrogen Renewable Energy Research Division, Center for Development of Renewable Energies (CDER) Bouzaréah, Algiers, Algeria)
  41. Nadia Richards (Ph.D. MAE) Dissertation:  Hydrogen Production Enhancement Using a Stratified Catalyst Bed in Reforming Systems. Graduated 2016 (California State University Sacramento, Sacramento , CA)
  42. Edgar Necoechea (MS MAE) Thesis: Investigation of Heat Transfer and Catalyst Degradation in  Methanol Autothermal Stratified Catalyst Reformation. Graduated 2016 (California Energy Commission, Sacramento CA)
  43. Justin Hwang (PhD  MAE) Dissertation: Blowout and Emissions Characteristics Evaluation of Methane Steam Reformate Gas. Graduated 2017 (California Energy Commission, Sacramento CA)
  44. Steve Wirya (PhD MAE) Dissertation:
  45. Steven Wong ( MS MAE) Thesis:
  46. Matt Cooper (MS  MAE) Thesis:

Current Graduate Students

Siva Gunda (PhD Candidate MAE)

Brian Noland (PhD Candidate MAE)

Mazen Daher (MS Student)




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